5 Common Issues With Your Humidifier And How To Fix Them

March 24, 2021

5 Common Issues With Your Humidifier And How To Fix Them

You buy a humidifier to combat dryness and other health issues from dry air caused by the cold winter weather in Canada. But sometimes the solution becomes a problem. Either the humidifier won’t produce mist or it won’t turn on in the first place. There could be multiple reasons why you are facing this issue.

Here’s a small guide to help you understand what problems might be preventing your humidifier from working efficiently and how to fix them.

Humidifier Is Not Turning On

The most common issue people experience with their humidifier is that it won’t start when you turn it on or it will stop suddenly. If the humidifier is switched on but it won’t work then you need to check for two things. Make sure the cord is plugged into the outlet correctly. If the problem remains, then see if your power outlet is functional. You could also be facing a fuse issue.

In addition to this, the control lock feature that is available in certain models might also prevent the humidifier from working. Make sure that it is turned off and the normal function will be restored.

No Mist Is Blowing Out

Even when your humidifier turns on as it normally should, it might not produce steam or mist. There could be three main reasons why you are facing this issue. You need to check if the tank has water inside it. It could also happen if there is clogging inside your appliance. Your humidifier may become clogged due to hard water build up which can cause mineral deposits inside the tank.

Using distilled water or mineral water can prevent this issue from resurfacing. Cleaning the humidifier regularly and switching to distilled water can resolve the issue. You can call a humidifier repair service provider in Edmonton for maintenance.

Water Is Leaking From It

A leaking humidifier can be your worst nightmare. A seepage will cause the water level to drop slowly below the minimum limit necessary for the machine to work. If there is a puddle of water on the ground, it’s probably coming from the leak. You need to find where the source is to solve the problem.

A crack in the tank might require a replacement. Another reason could be improperly sealed caps. Make sure you shut all the components of your humidifier tightly and properly to prevent future spills.

Dust Is Produced

If you are using hard water for your humidifier then you might experience some dust coming out of it along with the mist. The situation looks alarming especially if your humidifier is placed in a dark corner. It will cause the white dust to be more visible.

The culprit in this situation is the mineral contents that are left behind after the mist evaporates. Using distilled or mineral water instead will prevent any future issues like this from reappearing. Although the dust is not harmful to your health it can still cause damage to the humidifier.

Unpleasant Odor From The Device

Moist places are home to various molds and bacteria. When you turn your humidifier on and get a noseful of any unpleasant odor, you need to check the filter first. The smell is usually caused by some fungus growing inside the water storage unit or from a dirty filter.

This is resolved by cleaning your humidifier and setting up a regular maintenance schedule. You should rinse the tank after every use, but the system needs to be cleaned once a week in most cases. Dirty filters should also be replaced.

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In addition to the problems mentioned above, you can experience technical issues such as your indicator light blinking, condensation around the windows and the stability of your humidifier.

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