Why Spring Is The Ideal Time For A/C Maintenance

Why Spring Is The Ideal Time For A/C Maintenance

It’s March, and we all know what it means for the residents of Edmonton – it’s finally the arrival of the spring season. Soon, we’ll be trading out our warm winter clothes for t-shirts and shorts as the summer approaches. There’s a little time left for winter, but the weather will heat up as the days progress. It means that, in no time, you’re going to need your air conditioner to save you from the hot air and heat.

The use of air conditioning in Edmonton becomes an absolute necessity when the weather hits extreme temperatures during peak summer. One cannot afford to have a malfunctioning or inefficient air conditioning unit when the temperatures finally hit 35 degrees celsius. One way to make sure you have an uninterrupted supply of fresh air throughout summer is to get expert services from a reliable HVAC service provider.

Now we will discuss some of the primary reasons why spring is the ideal time for your A/C maintenance:

Improved A/C efficiency

Getting your air conditioner checked at the start of spring improves its functionality and efficiency. An efficient A/C unit will provide fresh air to the house during the hottest months of the year consistently. It will also function the way it should, and keep you and your family members comfortable throughout summer.

Decreased Energy Bills

Your A/C unit continues to perform efficiently when HVAC professionals inspect and clean its significant components at the start of the spring season. The more efficient the air conditioner becomes, the less force it will need to exert to keep the house fresh during summer. The less the amount of work it has to do, the less will be your energy bills.

No Further Repairs

When you get your A/C fixed during spring, expert HVAC contractors make sure that every part of the unit performs at its best, even during peak summertime, without requiring further repairs. For this reason, scheduled maintenance is significantly essential because you get to fix the issues beforehand instead of waiting for the problem to arise, which is also a very costly thing to do.

Increased Useful Life of your A/C

The timely inspection and maintenance of your A/C unit results in its reliable and smooth functionality throughout the spring and summer seasons. It helps in reducing possible wear and tear of the crucial parts of your unit when it’s put in double the amount of work to ward off the extreme heat. As a result, you get to extend the useful lifespan of your air conditioner by preventing significant breakdowns.

Retained Manufacturer Warranties

Most of the air conditioner manufacturers specify on their warranty card that their product needs to be maintained annually for customers to claim its warranty. Failing to comply in this regard will lead to making your warranty void, and putting the resulting liabilities like costly repairs and replacements on your shoulders. Early springtime is the perfect time to get your unit inspected so that you can retain the right to claim manufacturer warranties later on.

Nor-Can Heating and Air is an expert HVAC service provider that installs, inspects, maintains, and repairs air conditioners in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Visit our website for more information or contact us now to get your A/C unit fixed this spring.

Air Conditioning In Edmonton: Luxury Or Necessity?

Air Conditioning In Edmonton: Luxury Or Necessity?

Air conditioning is definitely a must for you if you live in Edmonton. The reason is that the cold weather lasts a long time but summer is just around the corner. Just like your furnace keeps you warm in the winter, air conditioning will keep you cool in the summer. Having a comfortable temperature in your home is important for many reasons. Let us take a closer look at why having a perfectly working AC is important:

Comfort Is More Than Just A Luxury

Air conditioning in Edmonton is not just a luxury, considering the average temperatures we experience in Edmonton throughout the year. An air conditioner provides you with a comfortable temperature which is exactly what everyone needs in their home. It is a necessity to keep your home comfortable and cozy at all times, no matter the temperature outside.

Installing An Air Conditioning System

Whether you are at your home relaxing or working at your office, the last thing you want to experience problems with is your air conditioning unit. It can put a damper on everything, especially on those hot days.

When you are feeling grilled by the workload, feedback and work pressure, you need fresh air to maximize your ability to think, work and perform. This is where having a good performing air conditioning system comes into play.

Perfect Operating Temperature

Let’s talk about ACs in the workplace a bit more. Employees have a hard time performing their tasks accurately or in a proper manner if they are feeling too cold or too warm. If you provide the perfect working temperatures, everyone can work efficiently and have peace of mind.

Winter Is Not Here To Stay

Living in cold weather – which takes up the major chunk of the year in Canada – can make the residents forget that it can get really hot in the summer. Let the furnace do its job during those long winter seasons but when summer and spring come along, you will need the help of an air conditioning unit. Be sure to get your AC unit serviced or inquire about pricing on a new unit if you do not already have one.

Air Conditioning Keeps You Healthy

Sudden changes in temperature can have a negative impact on your body’s circulation system. So when summer comes around and you don’t have an AC installed in your home, you won’t be fully comfortable with your body temperature. To prevent this and prevent stress on you and your family’s health, make sure that you have the same relaxing temperature throughout the year.

Weak Immune System

Temperature changes can also have an effect on our body’s immune system. Heat, ventilation and air conditioning; a combination of these can keep you living at a comfortable temperature all the time.

With all the information above, you can adequately make a decision on whether air conditioning is a luxury or necessity. The multiple benefits of air conditioners make the answer really simple.

We Provide Complete Air Conditioning Services In Edmonton

Nor-Can Heating and Air is the name to trust when it comes to providing the best, effective, affordable and reliable air conditioning services in Edmonton. Feel free to contact us today for a free quote on installing a new air conditioning unit or maintenance to your existing air conditioning unit.

Top 5 Early Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Top 5 Early Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

It’s almost the end of the winter season here in Edmonton. Although it’s still chilly outside, springtime will be upon us before we even notice it. As the weather gets warmer with time, you and your family are likely going to need a fully operational air conditioner in your home. No one wants to get caught with a malfunctioning air conditioning unit that doesn’t provide enough cool air during the summer season.

First things first: getting the most reliable HVAC services in Edmonton for a quick inspection of your AC unit. Our technicians have years of experience in dealing with inspections and maintenance of various heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units, which will make sure your AC works perfectly well throughout the spring and summer seasons. Sometimes, older HVAC equipment won’t turn on when it’s not used or maintained throughout winter.

With spring right around the corner and summer following it, we present you with the top five tips that will help you prepare your air conditioner for the excessive heat of spring and summer.

Clean Off All Debris and Dirt

Start by removing any covers from your AC unit you may have used for protection during the wintertime. Take off any straps, tarps, or anything else you may have utilized to protect those coverings. In case you had switched off the On/Off switch on the outdoor unit, make sure to turn it on back as well.

Remove all the debris and dirt from the outdoor AC unit. If there are any growing weeds, leaves, grass, or anything else that may have accumulated around the unit, it could provide room for the growth of pests, which in turn could severely damage your outdoor equipment. Failing to remove all the unwanted items around your unit could result in increased energy consumption during spring and summer.

Give the AC Unit a Trial Run

If you haven’t turned on your air conditioner during winter, then it’s a good idea to give it a trial run for inspection. After cleaning the unit, run it for one hour to check its overall functionality. Giving your AC unit a trial run provides you with an opportunity to notice if there is an issue with its performance before it becomes a bigger problem later on. Listen for any strange noises or excessive vibrations.

Clean the Air Ducts

One of the critical parts of the air conditioner’s maintenance process is cleaning the air ducts. An AC unit not only circulates the fresh air in your house but also functions to recycle the air through air ducts. If these ducts are full of debris and dust, the system will circulate contaminated air throughout your home causing you breathing problems, or causing increased stress and pressure on the system when blocked.

The uncleaned state of air ducts is one of the primary reasons for the inefficient functioning of an average AC unit. For that reason, duct cleaning is vital for the smooth operation of your AC unit. It’s also an excellent way to enhance the overall air quality of your home and protect your family members from spring allergens. Filters don’t trap everything.

Replace the AC Filter

It’s essential to change the AC filter regularly as worn-out filters allow the entry of dust particles into the air entering your home. It may not only damage your air conditioning unit but also create serious health issues for households suffering from allergies.

Spring is an ideal time to replace the filters. Changing the AC filter will not only improve the air quality inside your house but also assist the entire AC unit to perform efficiently in the upcoming warmer days.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

A pressing concern of most homeowners is that their air conditioner might not be able to function during peak summertime use. Scheduling a preventive maintenance session with professional HVAC contractors in early spring can significantly help to prevent different types of mechanical issues with your AC unit during summer.

Nor-Can is an HVAC expert company that deals with all sorts of HVAC problems in Edmonton, Alberta. Visit our website for further information or call us now for urgent customer support.

5 Most Common Spring HVAC Problems

5 Most Common Spring HVAC Problems

After a freezing winter, it feels good to finally step outside and open the doors and windows to let the fresh air enter your home. Spring is also the right time of the year to start over, get rid of unnecessary things and check the condition of your residential HVAC systems. It’s quite usual to have issues with your home cooling system, especially after the long winter break.

Springtime HVAC problems are usually preventable if you take adequate care of your systems. The issues with your HVAC unit often occur when you turn on the air conditioner for the first time at the start of spring. Most of the time, it’s just a gentle reminder that your HVAC mechanism requires attention before the peak summer season eventually kicks in.

The following are the five most common spring HVAC problems you may encounter during spring.

Coils full of Dirt and Dust

One of the primary reasons for a malfunctioning HVAC unit is a dirty coil. The air conditioner present in your home has a condenser coil in the outdoor unit and an evaporator coil in an indoor unit. The outdoor compartment can quickly get dirty as it’s present in the open air and continuously exposed to different elements. Dirt, dust, grass clippings and branches can easily make their way into the condenser coils.

Most of these components are delicate in nature, so it’s always a good idea to contact an expert HVAC service company and let them solve these issues. The internal evaporator coil is, undoubtedly, multi-complex and will require a professional HVAC technician for effective cleaning.

Non-responsive System

If you notice a blank thermostat screen after switching your AC to cooling mode, it may be a sign that you need to replace the batteries. In case there is no issue with your thermostat, check the central electrical unit and try resetting the breakers on the outdoor unit. Contact the emergency HVAC repair experts if the problem persists.

Ductwork Issue

Such issues are complicated to identify because ducts are out of sight most of the time. Ducts can be subject to leaking or separation over time, resulting in the regular escape of fresh air. They also get clogged with debris, dirt, and dust with the time, which is why it’s vital to get them cleaned regularly.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

The present-day carrier smart thermostats don’t have much problem in adjusting to the changing patterns of weather. Be that as it may, if you are using the same old thermostat of the yesteryears, it could significantly affect the performance of your AC unit. Take a look to see whether the thermostat is set in cooling or heating mode. If it’s still not functioning after setting it to the cooling option, you may require to replace it or have it inspected through an HVAC expert.

Overdue Filter Replacement

Although it may seem to be a simple task to achieve, most households forget to change old filters, which leads to significant issues with the HVAC units. If your air conditioner experiences problems such as overheating and turning on and off, it may well be because of the filter that is clogged with dirt, dust, and debris. Check the filter regularly for possible contamination and don’t forget to replace the filter frequently throughout the upcoming summer season to ensure the efficient functioning of your HVAC system.

Nor-Can is an HVAC professional service provider that provides clients with all types of HVAC services in Edmonton, Alberta. Visit our website or call us now for an appointment through our 24/7 customer support.

Basic Benefits Of Having A Humidifier

Basic Benefits Of Having A Humidifier

Humidifiers are becoming increasingly popular in offices and homes, given their advantages for our health and well-being. A humidifier maintains the perfect atmosphere for us, making it adequately moist and clear. This way you get a healthier environment to be in and raise your productivity and quality of life at the same time. There are many brands that manufacture high-quality humidifiers that are fully customizable and can be used online as well. Having a humidifier is much more than a simple part of our indoor environment.

Humidifiers main objective is to maintain the humidity of a room to your preferred settings. They operate when you add water into them which evaporates at a steady rate and becomes part of the air in the room, thus improving the environment and offering you a perfect setting.

Its use is higher in the colder months to maintain the dry environment that is caused by the extensive use of heaters and furnaces. In addition, they can help us calm our nasal congestion, sore throat and dry skin, which are common issues in the winter.

Some health benefits of having humidifiers:

  • Improves the symptoms of our respiratory diseases like asthma and other allergies
  • Reduces the sensation of dryness in our respiratory process
  • Use is more favourable for children and the elderly since they are more sensitive
  • Helps to counteract excessive use of heating or poor ventilation process
  • Reduces static electricity problems
  • Helps people suffering from dermatological conditions such as eczema

With all these benefits, it’s not surprising that for many a humidifier is a solution to calm allergic, respiratory or dermatological problems. In addition, it is just as important to use it in summer as it is in the winter.

Basic tips for the best performance of your humidifier:

  • User’s manual must be followed correctly
  • Use a cold steam humidifier, if there are children or elderly present
  • Place the humidifier away from the furniture
  • Use for short intervals like 2 to 3 hours followed by a few hours rest
  • Program the humidifier to your liking
  • Empty and clean regularly, this will prevent the spread of bacteria

According to the experts, a humidifier creates an environment that compliments your health as you will be safe from a dry environment that helps in the manifestation of different diseases and skin problems. There are humidifiers that can adjust their settings to maintain the ideal environment in a given space. The concept of green living and smart homes also consider humidifying devices as important parts of our healthy lifestyle. When you remain in a comfortable environment you already have a raised productivity rate so if you are working you can easily perform better. If you’re at home you can enjoy a more pleasant environment while you spend quality time with family and friends.

Nor-Can Heating & Air is a humidifier specialist who deals with all kinds of HVAC services in Edmonton, Alberta. Visit our website for more information or call us for quick customer support.

Water Heater Maintenance Steps For Winter

Water Heater Maintenance Steps For Winter

Water heaters need to be fully inspected and maintained before winter begins. Freezing winter can be very difficult to deal with if you do not have access to warm running water in your home or commercial premises. One way of making sure you have an uninterrupted supply of warm water is for you to obtain professional maintenance services from a recognized HVAC service provider. Once a professional has inspected your water heater, you will be informed if it needs any repairs or parts replaced.

We want you to understand how the professionals perform their maintenance services so you can get maximum utility whenever your water heater undergoes maintenance.

Identify The Water Heater

The first step towards water heater maintenance is to identify the make and model of your water heater. Manufacturers design and build their water heaters differently. Even though their functions remain similar, the mechanism and the parts used in water heaters usually differ by their manufacturers. This is essential to understand, as certain parts for one water heater may not be compatible with another water heater. It’s very important to know the exact make and model of your water heater in order to provide proper maintenance and repair.

Identify The Power Source (Gas / Electric)

After the water heater is properly identified, it’s necessary for the maintenance service provider to identify whether it works on gas or electricity, even though both energy sources perform the same function. Their mechanism and functionality are different as there are wirings for electric heaters and a burner for the gas water heaters. There are different maintenance practices for both types of water heaters and therefore it is essential to know before the maintenance is performed.

Cut Energy Supply

Once the service provider has all the information they need, they will start by cutting off the energy supply for both gas and electric water heaters. This way, the maintenance process will be safer, and there will be no risk of any hazard while the maintenance is under progress. It’s also essential to find any leaks that are near the water heater before the energy supply is restricted.

Closing Of Valves

After cutting off the energy supply, the pressure valve should be released, so there is no pressurized hot water in the heater before the service providers drain the heaters. This stage is dangerous as well, as there could be hot water trapped inside, and any amateur approach will have devastating effects on both the user and the water heater. It’s always best to have a professional perform this type of work.

Drain The Water

After carefully checking the valves, the main tank of the water heater must be emptied with a continuous flow. You can save this water with a bucket so it can be used again. However, there will be traces of sediments present, which are stored in the tank of the water heater. It’s recommended to replace this water rather than reusing it.

Check The Gas Pressure And Valves For Leaks

Once the tank is drained, the water heater should be cleaned thoroughly. This is where the professionals will check the gas pressure, the burner, wirings and circuits of the heater. After the energy flow is verified, they will check for any leaks of water or gas. This is the stage when any repairs or changing of parts will be done as well. After this process is complete, the water heater will be ready for use again. Just fill-up the tank, check the valves and initiate the energy source. You are now ready to enjoy a fully functional water heater this winter.

Nor-Can Heating & Air offers full HVAC services including complete water heater maintenance and repair. Visit our website or call us now for a free service quote.

Problems Of Emergency HVAC Repairs In Peak Winter

Problems Of Emergency HVAC Repairs In Peak Winter

No home is complete without a fully functional Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning system (HVAC). If an office does not have a proper HVAC system, the staff will underperform if they perform at all. Freezing winter demands that you live or work in a premise that has a comfortable heated environment with a never-ending supply of warm water for your daily routine and a pleasant living. However, if your perfectly working HVAC system suddenly collapses in the peak of winter, it will be more than just painful even to survive.

We have identified below some of the fundamental problems that most of us face when our HVAC system stops working in peak winter so you can avoid them altogether.

Availability Of HVAC Professionals

HVAC professionals are high in demand in peak winter season; this makes their availability difficult as they have numerous clients waiting for them already. This causes a delay in the professionals just to reach you on time, let alone the time they will need to repair your HVAC system.

Availability Of HVAC Parts

After the HVAC professionals reach your office or home, they will inspect the problem of your HVAC system. It will be common to anticipate that you will need new parts for fixing your HVAC system. Due to heavy snow and high demand for HVAC parts, it might be challenging that you find the required components on time and with complete ease. Any delay in finding the needed HVAC parts will make you uncomfortable for sure.

Delayed Response From Service Providers

Heavy snow in Edmonton sometimes affects traffic flow, especially if you live on the outskirts of the city. This may directly create a delay for your emergency HVAC service providers to reach you on time. Even the shortest period of no heat in the cold Edmonton winter will adversely affect your health and comfort. This problem is perhaps the most common as HVAC professionals are stuck in challenging road conditions.

Bad Weather Conditions

Snowstorms and rain with strong winds can create a problem for anyone. HVAC service providers who work in the peak winter season are already familiar with how difficult the weather can get. This is why they might not risk driving to your place in such weather conditions making it more difficult for you to survive without a working HVAC system.

Quality Of Service Is Questionable

Some service providers may not work as efficiently in the extreme cold, and the quality of the service might suffer, which may create a problem in your HVAC system again. If at such a time the weather becomes unfriendly, the problem would get bigger, and your suffering will increase with it.

Minimum Comfort For You And Service Provider

Even if everything goes fine and you get your HVAC fixed on an emergency basis, the overall experience will have no or minimum comfort for you and your service providers. In this sense, it is considered a best practice to get your HVAC system inspected before the winter begins. This way, you will be able to fix your HVAC system in its entirety with complete comfort and you can enjoy the harsh cold winter with no problem at all.

Nor-Can Heating and Air is a fully prepared and specialized HVAC service provider in Edmonton, Canada. Visit our website for more information or call us to get emergency HVAC services this winter.

Common Heat Pump Problems And How To Fix Them

Common Heat Pump Problems And How To Fix Them

Like all other HVAC appliances, heat pumps can fail to produce the optimum level of heating, especially when the temperature dips below the normal. If you live in cities like Edmonton, you need to be prepared to handle HVAC issues. There is a range of heat pump issues that can affect your indoor comfort. Maybe your heat pump is too old to produce enough warmth.

Even a minor issue can cause your heat pump to either stop working or working properly. You should have some basic understanding of what can go wrong with your HVAC systems and what you can do to address the problem. The following are some of the common heat pump problems and what you can do to fix these issues:

Heat Pump Not Turning On

If you’re unable to turn your heat pump on, it’s likely to be caused by a few major problems:

Thermostat issues: the programmable thermostat on your heat pump should be inspected first. Your thermostat might be reading the temperature incorrectly due to miscalibration or an electric problem. If you think there is something wrong with the thermostat, or you’re unable to determine the problem, call a professional who can service or replace the thermostat in order to resolve the problem.

Broken starter capacitor: Another problem that can stop your heat pump from functioning properly is a broken starter capacitor. Take a moment to listen if there is a faint clicking noise when you turn on the system. If there is an unusual noise, something could be wrong with the starter capacitor. The component is supposed to transmit the electrical charge that turns on the motor. A reliable HVAC professional will be able to fix the starter.

Power loss: a tripped breaker can also be the root cause. Breakers must be in the correct position to function properly. If your system experiences power loss consistently, it could be a sign of some major electrical problems. A heat pump expert would be able to fix this problem with ease and speed.

Broken reversing valve: The function of the reversing valve is to enable the heat pump to work as both an air conditioner and a heater by reversing the direction of refrigerants. If your heat pump works well when producing cool air but doesn’t work when in heating mode, the reversing valve could be broken and need to be replaced.

You’re likely to face these problems if your heat pump is left unused for a considerable period of time. Ideally, you should have your heating systems properly maintained before the winter arrives. All you have to do is call a professional HVAC company and let them inspect, repair and maintain all of your heating and cooling appliances from air conditioners to heat pumps and furnaces. In Edmonton, Nor-Can Heating & Air is a leading HVAC company that provides consistently high-quality services. From small repairs to installation, we’ll be happy to take care of your HVAC systems. Contact us for more details!

4 Common HVAC Issues During Winter In Edmonton

4 Common HVAC Issues During Winter In Edmonton

The cold winter in Edmonton brings in some of the toughest weather conditions. Households deal with these issues by keeping their HVAC systems in top working condition. Some HVAC systems and components can’t handle the jaw-droppingly low temperatures. Let’s take a look at some of the common HVAC winter issues that can make life difficult.

1. Frozen Pipes

As the ice starts to accumulate and temperatures decrease, some home components like pipes and coils start freezing and stop working properly. HVAC systems like water heaters and boilers can fail to deliver the desired results when frozen water affects the flow within pipes. Households can easily get upset when the heating systems stop maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. Even worse, frozen pipes sometimes burst, leading to more complicated plumbing issues. To avoid this problem this winter, consult an HVAC expert.

2. Uneven Heating

Have you ever experienced situations where one part of your house is colder than the other despite your central heating system? Many households and people working in offices face this problem in the winter. Uneven heating and temperature is not an ideal situation. So, it’s advisable to have your house or office evaluated by a professional HVAC expert to find out what is causing the problem.

Before you call a professional, check your house or office for cracks and holes around doorways and windowsills. Maybe there are blockages or debris accumulation in the vents or ducts. If so, make sure to have a professional clear these areas.

3. Malfunctioning Heating Pump

Exterior heat pumps are a good source of heating in some conditions. Regardless of the heating system you use to warm up your space, chilly snowfalls can damage HVAC appliances and cause them to malfunction. Your heating pump can experience a number of problems when the temperature drops down. Coil blockage and broken fan motors are two of the common heat pump issues. In order for a heat pump to function properly, its fan and coils must be clear of defrosting. Automatic defrost settings can help these systems melt away the ice. You might be able to manually clear away the frost buildups.

4. Dirty Heater Filters

Both heating and cooling systems come with filters that need to be cleaned regularly. Filters can get clogged by dirt, dust and other airborne particles. Accumulation of debris leads to decreased airflow and reduced warmth. If your building is experiencing less airflow or reduced level of heat, clean the filters in your heating systems. If you notice the filter is damaged or discoloured, replace it.

About Nor-Can Heating & Air

Broken thermostats and a faulty pilot light are also common HVAC issues that need to be fixed in a timely manner. If you live in Edmonton and your heating system is not working properly, call Nor-Can Heating & Air, a reputable HVAC company that provides dependable and affordable services in the city of Edmonton. Contact us for more details!

How To Improve Your HVAC Energy Savings

How To Improve Your HVAC Energy Savings

May it be summer or winter, we always try to minimize our energy bills. We do it for obvious reasons too, as energy costs are increasing on a regular basis and it gets difficult to manage when we cannot control our energy consumption. There are several ways and tips to reduce your energy consumption. Firstly, we should all try to achieve considerable energy savings and secondly, extend the productive life of our HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment and the efficiency of its workings.

Maintenance And Repairs

The maintenance of the equipment is fundamental, so at least an annual review of the indoor and outdoor units of your HVAC system is recommended to avoid faults in its operations and a possible increase in the cost of your electricity bill. More commonly, at least once every two months, it is necessary to clean both the air vents and the filters, which, in addition to being able to cause allergies and other respiratory conditions can cause serious health conditions. If they are dirty or clogged they directly affect the operation of appliances as well and can also raise the cost of your electricity bill.

Isolation And Regulation

Decreasing the temperature in your home by just a couple of degrees can result in significant savings over the long run. Over several months of operation, this can considerably decrease your energy bill. Another recommendation which is increasingly practiced by consumers is to create environments both at home and in the office that are airtight and isolated from the outside as well as from other sections in the building. If you have an office at home and spend much of the winter days in it, it is more than advisable to insulate the doors to prevent heat from escaping through the small gaps.


Also, in general, the use of double windows means directly preventing the cold and heat from entering your home or office. The expense of these facilities is simply an investment. Finally, in addition to temperature regulation, keep in mind that your heating equipment used during the winter has the ability to reduce the humidity in the environment, which in certain cities or places is very useful and beneficial for the health and the feeling of well-being.


Thanks to the advances in technology, we can combine the perfect solution for the whole year in our home and business as one solution. Modern smart HVAC equipment understands this need and has been working for years to improve and introduce new advantages in its equipment without ever losing sight of such vital aspects such as:

  • Energy-saving
  • Healthy and comfortable environment
  • Friendly towards environment
  • The product quality

Nor-Can Heating & Air is one of Edmonton’s best-rated HVAC equipment suppliers which also offers professional installation and maintenance services. Check out our website or call us directly for all the information you may need. Nor-can also offers great payment options so you can get the most out of your HVAC equipment.