Common Air Conditioner Installation Mistakes To Avoid

July 8, 2020

Common Air Conditioner Installation Mistakes To Avoid

If you’ve just purchased a brand new air conditioner for your home or office and are waiting for an HVAC expert to get it installed, it’s essential to know about some of the errors made by ill-trained technicians. Some things can go wrong with installing your new AC unit and negatively impact its functionality.

The following are some of the common air conditioning installation mistakes you should know about:

Wrong Size Of AC Unit

The incorrect size of the air conditioning unit is one of the most common issues during its installation process. If the AC unit you just bought is too small, it will result in insufficient cooling, higher energy bills, and reduced useful lifespan of the unit. On the other hand, if the size is too big, it will lead to improper humidity control, uncomfortable temperature changes, and increased operational costs.

For these reasons, it’s vital to get in touch with a reliable air conditioner specialist and conduct a proper load circulation. The AC unit technicians will usually take careful measurements of your windows, walls, ceilings, and inspect your premises for insulation and other critical factors to determine your building’s overall cooling capacity.

Wrong Placement Of The AC Units

Installing an air conditioner in the right position is increasingly important as it has a significant impact on its energy efficiency. Try to place your AC unit in a shady area (make sure shrubs and trees do not block it) so that it won’t have to put in extra work to produce the required cooling.

When installing an air conditioning unit, ensure that it’s somewhat tilted backward, allowing proper drainage. Besides that, adequate ventilation is required for the efficient operation of your AC unit in order to keep the energy bills down.

Inadequate Insulation

When installing a window AC unit, it’s vital to fill the open areas between the top and bottom windows panes with insulating foam. For split air conditioners, it’s essential to install ducts of the right sizes, which are usually calculated based on load circulation. Insufficient insulation can lead to early equipment failure, improper efficiency of the cooling system, cooled air leakage and increased workload on your AC unit.

Wrong Placement Of Thermostat

A thermostat plays a vital role in determining the amount of work your AC unit has to use for maximum efficiency. If you’ve placed your thermostat near a heat-generating device such as a lamp, it will be consistently exposed to heat.

For this reason, your air conditioner will have to work for extended time periods, resulting in increased energy consumption, unhealthy humidity levels, inadequate cooling, enhanced maintenance costs, and reduction in the useful lifespan of your AC unit.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

The polluted air in your house can also decrease the efficiency of your air conditioner. Different elements can result in indoor air contamination, including mold, mildew, resins, pollen, uncleaned carpets, and other related things. The indoor air mainly gets affected due to increased humidity and inadequate air circulation.

The presence of such pollutants inside your home can significantly impact the performance of your AC unit. You can overcome this issue by contracting reputed air conditioning professionals, who can guide you on how you can reduce pollution inside your home.

Not Noticing Possible Leaks

When installing a new AC unit, it’s vital to inspect the system to verify the refrigerant level in it. A possible coolant leak can lead to severe health issues as well as increased electricity bills. Most of the time, air conditioner installers don’t pay much attention to leakages by assuming that the unit is brand new.

Selecting The Wrong Contractor

Installing a new air conditioner is a job that’s best left to the HVAC experts. Most of the installation problems arise due to choosing the wrong AC unit installation contractor. The majority of people hire the services of AC technicians with the lowest rates. It’s worth noting that a poorly trained AC professional can damage both the AC unit as well as your property.

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