Should You Replace Your Humidifier Or The Whole Furnace?

February 11, 2022

Should You Replace Your Humidifier Or The Whole Furnace?

During Alberta’s cruelly cold and dry winters, everyone craves adequate warmth and humidity. Undeniably, a lack of the two is unbearable. If there isn’t sufficient heat in the house, the harsh low temperatures will make life dull. On the other hand, lack of humidity invites dry and itchy throats, hard and scaly skin, and various unpleasant allergies.

Hence, people rush to have their furnaces or humidifiers inspected, repaired or replaced by HVAC contractors. Since the former are mechanical items, it is common to feel inconsistent in their performance over time. While some inconsistencies result from accumulated debris and dust, which can easily be cleared, others necessitate repair.

Sometimes, the poor performance of any component of the HVAC system may require a replacement. But the question is, how do we know which component needs replacement. Mainly, the confusion is between the furnace and the humidifier as they work hand in hand.

Therefore, today’s blog will help you identify whether you just need to replace your humidifier or if it is time to get a new furnace. Regardless of the case, never try to do either of the two replacements on your own as they require a certain amount of technical knowledge. We suggest you hire a reliable provider of furnace and humidifier replacement services.

But before we delve deeper into the topic, let us briefly discuss how the two concurrently operate.

Furnace And Humidifier Integration

As mentioned earlier, sufficient heat and humidity are equally important. Hence, you must not neglect the replacement or maintenance of the humidifier or furnace. While timely furnace maintenance or replacement can save you vast sums of money, a properly working humidifier saves you from many illnesses.

Hence, a humidifier must accompany every furnace.

Now let us look at the signs that require the replacement of either of the two.

Signs That Your Humidifier Needs Replacement

This should be pretty easy to comprehend. You know the job of a humidifier. If it does not do what it’s meant to do, it is time to replace it. A humidifier’s job is to keep the air inside a dwelling adequately humid. If that is not happening, the humidifier is not working.

Electrostatic Discharge

If you receive an electric shock when you touch a metallic item, carpet, an electric switch, or even a person, then get your humidifier checked. This static electric charge is a sign of dry air and might suggest a problem with your humidifier.

Dry Or Itchy Throat

If it’s winter and you have a humidifier but still have a dry or itchy throat, it means your humidifier is not working.

Dry Skin And Scalp

Apart from a dry throat, dry hair and skin are also good signs of a malfunctioning humidifier. These should not occur in the presence of a humidifier.

Frequent Flu And Common Cold

Flu and cold are not obvious signs of a malfunctioning humidifier. However, if you notice them, it is surely a case of a poorly working humidifier.


Your sinuses drying out are also a sign of dryness in the atmosphere. If you get nosebleeds accompanied by the signs above, it means your humidifier is not working.

Signs That Your Furnace Needs Replacement

These are also relatively straightforward. You can use the signs of one to cross-check with the other. For example, if the air in the house causes discomfort, but your furnace is relatively new, and the electricity bills are normal, the problem is your humidifier. However, if the furnace is old and you frequently see soot emissions, then the furnace needs replacement.

Unusually High Electricity Or Fuel Bills

If you suddenly witness discomfort accompanied by surging fuel/electricity bills, the problem is your furnace, not the humidifier. As the furnace becomes inefficient, it uses up more energy (which leads to soaring bills) but does not offer the comfort it should provide you.

The Furnace Is Older Than Ten To Fifteen Years

The life expectancy of a furnace is the biggest determinant of its performance and need for replacement. If Your furnace has reached the end of its useful life and you experience discomfort, it is time to replace your furnace.

Inconsistent Heating

Lastly, if you feel inconsistency in the quality of warmth, get your furnace checked by a professional HVAC contractor. For example, the house may be well-heated at times and at others, you may feel waves of cold. The latter is an obvious case of a malfunctioning furnace.

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