Tips To Prepare Your AC Unit For This Fall In Canada

September 16, 2020

Tips To Prepare Your AC Unit For This Fall In Canada

Spring and autumn seasons are crucial times during a calendar year when you should perform maintenance tasks on your cooling and heating systems through experienced HVAC contractors. After excessive use of your air conditioning unit during summer, you have to ask, is your residential HVAC system ready for the upcoming fall?

Your home AC unit is, undoubtedly, a lifesaver during hot Canadian weather. Nonetheless, with the arrival of September, as the temperatures start to fall, it’s the perfect time to consider how you can prepare your air conditioning system for the upcoming fall and winter months.

Here are some tips on making your AC unit ready for this fall season in Canada:

Replace Or Clean Your Unit’s Air Filter

Your HVAC unit’s filter helps keep the functioning of internal components smooth and efficient. Replace or clean your air conditioning unit’s air filters every month during peak summertime and seasonal changes. Following this routine will help you reduce the growth of pathogens and allergens in your home and considerably decrease your utility bills.

Remove Debris From Condenser Unit

There’s increased buildup of debris, including grime, dirt, dust, and leaves around the condenser unit by the end of the summer season. This can increasingly disrupt clean airflow and reduce your AC unit’s efficiency during the upcoming cold weather. This is why it’s vital to remove all forms of debris from your condenser unit during this time of the year.

Clean Your AC Unit’s Coils

Your air conditioner’s condenser coil and evaporator coil collect dirt over the summertime, mostly from your lawnmower. This constant buildup of dirt and dust leads to a reduction in airflow, causing your unit to absorb more heat. This is why it’s essential to clean the external area around the coils and eliminate all debris.

Change Your Thermostat Settings

Smart and capable thermostats automatically respond to fluctuations in temperatures by activating your HVAC system to maintain the desired settings’ internal home temperatures. With the colder season’s arrival, you should adjust your home temperature based on your comfort if you’re still using an older mechanical thermostat. For an improved living experience, you should use a programmable thermostat that adjusts internal temperatures according to how you live.

Clean Your Unit’s Grilles And Vents

Examine all vents and grilles present in your home and vacuum them to maximize clean airflow. Clean air filters, grills, and vents can help you significantly enhance the interior air quality in your home. This is especially vital for families that have individuals with weak immune systems.

Schedule An HVAC Preventative Maintenance Checkup

To avoid emergencies and expensive, sudden repairs and replacements, you should call your air conditioning maintenance specialist by the end of summer for a better AC unit’s performance. For the Autumn season, an HVAC expert should perform the following critical tasks on your central AC unit:

  • Clean all air ducts
  • Inspect for an accurate amount of refrigerant
  • Inspect and seal any leaks present in your ducts
  • Measure the evaporator coil’s airflow
  • Verify the appropriate electrical control sequence
  • Examine electrical terminals and clean and tighten connections
  • Check belts for tightness and wearing signs
  • Review and verify your thermostat’s accuracy

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