Typical HVAC Issues In The Summer And How to Prevent Them

May 26, 2022

Typical HVAC Issues In The Summer And How to Prevent Them

Although Canadian summers are not severe, the need for HVAC services can not be overlooked. After enduring long and harsh winter weather, Canadians are often left broken out in a sweat when the temperatures exceed 25°C. While this temperature might not sound quite threatening to many people across the globe, it is pretty warm for those who are accustomed to temperatures below -13°C. Since Alberta receives the most amount of sunlight during the summer, its occupants are more likely to feel the effects of the changing temperatures.

Well, we are in June now – the month that officially marks the start of summer in Canada. Undeniably, this time of the year is quite exciting for most of you as you can finally escape the gloominess of staying locked up in your houses. However, you also need to appropriately plan for the days you are going to be spending at home. You have to ensure that your HVAC system is functioning properly. You are safe if you have requested a pre-summer inspection from reliable HVAC contractors in Edmonton.

But if you have not done that yet, then there are considerable chances that you might encounter a lot of issues with your HVAC. Honestly speaking, it is never a good idea to attend to an HVAC problem at the last moment as you might be left soaked in sweat for hours without an AC.

In this blog, we shall explain some of the most common HVAC problems you are likely to encounter in the summer. The latter will help you recognize a problem in its initial stages and prevent extensive damage.

But, before we go any further, note that the issues do not arise in isolation. These problems are like intertwined strands of thread in a ball: one problem branches out into several others, and the reverse is also true.

Cool Air Leaks

Regardless of the season, air leaks are always one of the biggest problems for any HVAC system. If we talk about summer in particular, it is pretty common for the cool air to escape the house or for warm air to invade the dwelling. This leakage often gives rise to many other problems, such as inefficient cooling and high energy bills (as discussed later).

Hence, it is crucial that you request a reputable provider of HVAC services in Edmonton to inspect your ductwork for any possible leakages. Nevertheless, it is also important to remember that air leaks do not only occur in the ductwork. Your house’s doors, windows, baseboards, and attic entrances may also be poorly insulated, which might be the reason behind the leaks. Thus, before you begin experimenting with your HVAC, ensure that you have ruled out all other possible leak areas.

Refrigerant Leaks

Air leaks are not the only type of leaks you need to worry about in summer. Perhaps one of the most costly leakages is that of refrigerant. The latter is a chemical compound often found in your refrigerators and HVACs. You might have had to replace it when your fridge stopped providing the needed cooling in the past. Know that the same can happen to your HVAC as well.

Honestly speaking, replacing the refrigerant is quite expensive. Therefore, before you do so, get air conditioning repair services to avoid this kind of leakage in the future.

High Energy Bills

HVAC accounts for more than 50% of your energy bills. Consequently, an increase in the energy consumed by your HVAC will cause significant budget exceedances. For this reason, surging energy bills are a major problem in every season. While air leaks are one of the major culprits behind these expenses, other issues like a malfunctioning or aged unit may also result in high bills.

To prevent this scenario, proper AC maintenance is a good way forward. Nonetheless, if your bills remain persistently high every month, ask a reputable HVAC contractor to check your HVAC system for potential faults.

Poor Air Quality

Another common problem that you might face in the summer is poor air quality. Since the AC is used continuously in the summer, the amount of air that passes through its filters is unimaginable. Unfortunately, this air carries a lot of dust and debris with it, which causes the filters to clog. Not only does this blockage diminish your home’s air quality, but it also strains the HVAC to work harder. This forces the system to draw more energy which translates into heartbreakingly high bills.

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