What’s The Most Efficient Heating System For Your Home?

December 22, 2022

What’s The Most Efficient Heating System For Your Home?

Even in regions where temperatures rarely drop below freezing, home heating is a crucial factor to take into account in the winter. Energy efficiency is a key objective for those who want to reduce home comfort costs as heating costs can easily account for almost half of the average household’s energy budget.

If you require a new home heating system, you have several options for achieving extremely cost-effective, high-efficiency operation that will keep your house toasty and comfortable for a very long time. However, it is advised to hire an HVAC contractor in Edmonton to make an informed decision. This blog post will examine the most effective types and whether you should think about installing a heating system in your house.

How To Choose An Efficient Heating System

To be completely honest, finding the most effective heating system for your home involves more than just looking for the ideal heating system with a high rating. Additionally, you need to find one that works with the energy source in your house. Some homes are only equipped with electric heating systems, while others are natural gas-equipped.

If switching to natural gas is something you want to do and your home isn’t already natural-gas compatible, ask your local gas company if it’s feasible because, by definition, natural gas is more efficient overall than electricity. If your home is already natural-gas compatible, or if you are already set up with your preferred energy source, choose which of the three major heating system types is best for your home.

Types of Heating Systems

Here are a few of the most common heating systems that you should consider.


Furnaces are usually far more reliable and efficient in freezing weather. Furnaces use fuel, either natural gas, oil, or electricity, to produce heat that is then released into the air that’s moved around your home. Electric furnaces don’t emit any exhaust, but oil and natural gas furnaces do as they both consume their fuel supplies.

They are therefore fundamentally less safe than heat pumps since there is a possibility of carbon monoxide buildup. However, furnaces are also the most prevalent and typically the least expensive form of heating system you’ll come across.

Due to significant technical improvements over the years, you don’t have to often worry about furnace maintenance. As they are now safer and more energy-efficient than before. In colder climates, these systems can perform better than heat pumps when utilized appropriately.

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Water Source Heat Pumps

Water source heat pumps are a relatively new technology on the market, and they’re expanding in popularity due to their excellent flexibility and longevity that extend their lives. These systems tend to last the longest of any type of heating and cooling system, and they’re also considered one of the most energy-efficient pieces of equipment one could own.

Water source heat pumps work just like a boiler does. They usually work best in large spaces, or in locations where there are quite a few different units where heat can be radiated or extracted.


It’s 2022, and boilers are still as useful as they used to be. Boilers are typically less common in residential properties than other heating systems, such as heat pumps or furnaces. Nevertheless, a boiler can still be used for home heating.

As the name indicates, a boiler heats up water in a tank and then supplies the hot water to the rest of the plumbing system, including pipes and individual radiators for various uses. The water is then distributed to the rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms, and the cooled water is then returned to the boiler where the process starts over.

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