5 Most Common Spring HVAC Problems

March 6, 2020

5 Most Common Spring HVAC Problems

After a freezing winter, it feels good to finally step outside and open the doors and windows to let the fresh air enter your home. Spring is also the right time of the year to start over, get rid of unnecessary things and check the condition of your residential HVAC systems. It’s quite usual to have issues with your home cooling system, especially after the long winter break.

Springtime HVAC problems are usually preventable if you take adequate care of your systems. The issues with your HVAC unit often occur when you turn on the air conditioner for the first time at the start of spring. Most of the time, it’s just a gentle reminder that your HVAC mechanism requires attention before the peak summer season eventually kicks in.

The following are the five most common spring HVAC problems you may encounter during spring.

Coils full of Dirt and Dust

One of the primary reasons for a malfunctioning HVAC unit is a dirty coil. The air conditioner present in your home has a condenser coil in the outdoor unit and an evaporator coil in an indoor unit. The outdoor compartment can quickly get dirty as it’s present in the open air and continuously exposed to different elements. Dirt, dust, grass clippings and branches can easily make their way into the condenser coils.

Most of these components are delicate in nature, so it’s always a good idea to contact an expert HVAC service company and let them solve these issues. The internal evaporator coil is, undoubtedly, multi-complex and will require a professional HVAC technician for effective cleaning.

Non-responsive System

If you notice a blank thermostat screen after switching your AC to cooling mode, it may be a sign that you need to replace the batteries. In case there is no issue with your thermostat, check the central electrical unit and try resetting the breakers on the outdoor unit. Contact the emergency HVAC repair experts if the problem persists.

Ductwork Issue

Such issues are complicated to identify because ducts are out of sight most of the time. Ducts can be subject to leaking or separation over time, resulting in the regular escape of fresh air. They also get clogged with debris, dirt, and dust with the time, which is why it’s vital to get them cleaned regularly.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

The present-day carrier smart thermostats don’t have much problem in adjusting to the changing patterns of weather. Be that as it may, if you are using the same old thermostat of the yesteryears, it could significantly affect the performance of your AC unit. Take a look to see whether the thermostat is set in cooling or heating mode. If it’s still not functioning after setting it to the cooling option, you may require to replace it or have it inspected through an HVAC expert.

Overdue Filter Replacement

Although it may seem to be a simple task to achieve, most households forget to change old filters, which leads to significant issues with the HVAC units. If your air conditioner experiences problems such as overheating and turning on and off, it may well be because of the filter that is clogged with dirt, dust, and debris. Check the filter regularly for possible contamination and don’t forget to replace the filter frequently throughout the upcoming summer season to ensure the efficient functioning of your HVAC system.

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