At Nor-Can Heating & Air, our HVAC experts maintain, repair, and install air conditioning, heating, and ventilation units. As a team of reputable and highly experienced HVAC professionals in Edmonton, we take it as our responsibility to assist our customers in selecting the right heating, ventilation, and cooling systems depending on their unique HVAC needs.

We give customers value and peace of mind through impeccable workmanship, dedication, and affordable services. Our certified technicians and staff stay updated on the latest cooling and heating technologies to ensure energy-efficient and long-lasting solutions.

We categorize our services into two major categories: HVAC maintenance and installation/replacement of new units. From upgrading existing heating and cooling systems to installing HVAC units into a new building, our objective is to ensure a comfortable indoor environment in a budget-friendly manner.


Our mission is to serve the Edmonton community with the best possible HVAC solutions. As a responsible Canadian company, we work hard towards maintaining the highest level of design and engineering. We develop and retain professionals who are committed to customer satisfaction and a healthy environment.

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