5 Ways To Prepare Your HVAC System For Spring

April 8, 2021

5 Ways To Prepare Your HVAC System For Spring

On March 20th, the Earth’s Northern Hemisphere will have officially entered the season of rejuvenation and rebirth called spring! Now, the season’s tell-tale signs such as birds chirping and flowers blooming can be heard and seen across the entire region. For most of us, these signs are a way to channel our energy and optimism into our daily lives. For some of us, they are the cue to start cleaning away winter clutter and improve our homes and businesses’ indoor air quality.

Why Spring Is An Ideal Time To Tune Your HVAC System

HVAC systems play an important role in keeping and maintaining good indoor air quality. However, winter can take a toll on them. Cold weather can make the system work twice as hard to keep the inside of your home or business warm. Moreover, the snow and ice build-up on the outdoor unit can severely damage them. This is why you should give your system a thorough check-up before summer arrives, and they have to work hard again.

Spring is an ideal season to prepare your HVAC system for the warmer upcoming months. Preparing your HVAC for the warmer months will help improve your indoor air quality. It will also help you tune your air-conditioner and increase its efficiency. Below are some of the important ways you can prepare your HVAC system for spring.

Change The Air Filters

Spring calls for celebrations, fun, and whatnot! However, it is essential to note that with these celebrations, warmth and flowers come allergens that can make anyone’s life difficult. In spring, as the number of pollens and allergens in the air increase, we must find ways to keep them away from our homes and buildings. This is where having new and clean air filters can come into play.

HVAC systems, as mentioned before, play an important part in keeping your indoor air quality healthy. However, if its air filters have become dirty, they will do nothing but circulate more dirt, germs, and allergens throughout the house. For this reason, use the season as an opportunity to change your air filters.

As a general rule, you should replace your air filters every 90 days. This will help keep your system efficient and your indoor air quality good.

Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Over the years, your HVAC system’s ducts become dirty and inefficient. Spring is an ideal time to get your air ducts cleaned.

For improved airflow, easier breathing, and better indoor air quality, we recommend scheduling a professional duct cleaning every 5-7 years. During the professional clean-up, your HVAC expert can also inform you about its air-tightness and overall condition.

It is important to note here that unclean, dirty, and mould-stricken air ducts and vents can make you sick and cause respiratory illnesses.

Clean All Your Supply Vents

Just as your HVAC system’s air filters and air ducts can become clogged and dirty in winter, so can your vents. So, when you give your HVAC system a thorough check-up, don’t forget to clean your supply vents.

HVAC vents play a crucial part in supplying clean air to your home. However, if they are dirty, they will significantly decrease your indoor air quality by circulating dirty and germ-filled air. So, vacuum and thoroughly clean your vents to remove any pet hair, dirt, etc from the previous season. It is important to clean all your supply vents, even if the supply grills for heating and cooling are separate in your house.

Check Your Ducts For Leaks

Over the winter, your ducts can freeze and may develop cracks and gaps. It is important to make sure that all your ducts are leak-proof and perfectly sealed, so none of your precious air-conditioned air leaks out.

Sealing and insulating ducts can improve your HVAC system’s effectiveness by almost 20% and sometimes even more. Besides enhancing the effectiveness of the system, it also increases its efficiency and lowers your energy bills.

Schedule A Professional Spring Tune-Up

Bi-annual maintenance and repair of your HVAC system by an HVAC expert is essential to your system’s efficient performance and longevity. Nor-Can Heating & Air offers professional and reliable HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance in Edmonton, Canada. For more information, visit our website or contact us today for personalized service.


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