My AC Isn’t Working? What Should I Do?

September 9, 2021

My AC Isn't Working? What Should I Do?

It’s summer, and it is hot outside. You try to relax by turning on the AC and to your surprise, your AC isn’t working. This can be very frustrating, and might even get on your nerves.

There are many reasons why your AC may not be performing up to mark, requiring you to call air conditioning and repair services. In this blog we aim to explore all of those reasons and talk about what can be done to fix the underlying issue.

Clogged Air Filter

If the filter of your AC is not clean, this might be among one of the reasons why your AC is not working properly. It may hinder the functioning of its thermostat. Clogged AC filters won’t allow cool air to pass through them, thus you won’t receive as much cool as air.

Thus it is necessary to clear the dust from your filter every few months. To do that you need to wash your reusable filter thoroughly and let it dry. However, if you are using replaceable filters, just throw the old ones out and install new ones.

Incorrect Settings On Your Thermostat:

Sometimes, it is just the incorrect settings on your thermostat which lead to this issue. This happens when the AC blows the cold air outside. To avoid this issue just turn your thermostat settings to ‘Auto mode’.

Unclean Condenser

When the outside (condenser) unit is unclean it impacts the performance of the AC. The condenser which converts the hot air outside into cool air can not perform its proper function if there is debris and dirt clogged in the outside unit.

Issues With the Motor

If your motor is faulty, then the outdoor unit of the AC will not be able to perform its functions properly because it won’t be able to dissipate heat.This will hinder the cooling ability of the system.

Insufficient Refrigerant Levels

A coolant or a refrigerant is a fluid which absorbs heat. Low levels of coolant mean that less heat will be absorbed which will affect the cooling of your AC adversely.

This issue can be identified easily when we see ice formation on the outside unit and your AC starts making bubbling sounds. When this issue is identified it’s necessary to call your air conditioning repair service, to help maintain the necessary levels of coolant.

Fault in Compressor

Your compressor controls the flow of coolant between the evaporator and condenser. So it is quite evident that a damaged compressor will be unable to produce cooling. Unfortunately the damaged compressor needs to be replaced. To replace it you will have to consult with the experts.

Defective Components

Your AC is an electrical device made up of several components. So there is a high possibility that the reason behind your AC not being able to perform at its best anymore is the result of one of the components not working properly.

The capacitor may have malfunctioned or you may have a defective transistor or something else. This can only be verified by the experts.

Small Size AC

There might be a possibility that the AC which you are using is not sufficient for the size of your room. For this you can look for an AC with greater power that is more suitable for you.

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