5 AC Myths Debunked By The Top HVAC Contractors Of Edmonton

May 12, 2022

5 AC Myths Debunked By The Top HVAC Contractors Of Edmonton

Although Air Conditioners have been around for more than a century, most people find it hard to differentiate common knowledge about them from myths and delusions. As summer gradually sets its pace to approach the excitedly waiting Canadian cities and shores, indoor comfort in June afternoons and a sound slumber at night are becoming the concern of every homeowner. While some individuals take their time to give their HVACs a thorough cleanup, others leave the future of their HVACs in the hands of fate.

Regardless of the case, both these groups fall prey to one common problem – myths swirling in the air. As one of the most sought-after HVAC contractors in Edmonton, we have seen numerous homeowners go overboard in the name of saving on cost in the summer.

The worst part is that even the most enlightened members of our society regard some of these fallacies as researched facts without adequate reasoning. While some of these myths are good for nothing, others may harm your HVAC systems and cost you extra money in the name of unnecessary repairs. Surprisingly, industry experts pay very little attention to this angle of the story, and the result is a widespread lack of knowledge and misinformation.

In light of the prevailing ignorance regarding the matter and the upcoming warm season, we have decided to break the ice and the silence. This blog will counter the most common AC myths head-on.

Distinguishing Facts From Fallacies

To be honest, myths will always be a part of our lives despite the technological advancement of the planet. However, when myths begin to cause harm, they must be discredited:

An AC Can Give You A Cold

No, a cold environment or food does not give you a common cold or flu. This misconception is widespread in every culture across the globe.

“Don’t eat ice cream in the winter! You’ll get the flu!”

No, you won’t, and neither will an AC make you get one. Although people associate the common cold with chilly weather or a cold indoor atmosphere, this is not true. It is the disease-causing viruses that actually result in these illnesses. However, we acknowledge that the spread of these germs escalates in cold weather.

Regardless, your AC will not make you sick. In fact, the filtered air given out of your AC actually helps reduce dust-related allergies.

Sleeping With The AC On At Night Is Unhealthy

This myth is actually an altered fact and is not entirely true. First of all, it is not true that leaving your AC on is a health hazard. However, you need to reset the temperature to ensure that it is not too low. When you sleep, your body temperature drops. Thus, an extremely low temperature will give you a dry throat.

In order to overcome this issue, it would be best to set your AC one or two degrees lower than the temperature it runs on during the day. If your AC has a sleep mode, you do not have to do this manually. Simply set your AC on sleep mode, and the AC will automatically reduce the temperature by one degree after every hour until it reaches an ideal temperature.

The Bigger An AC Unit Is, The Better Cooling And Comfort It Provides

Associating bigger items with better results is an old habit of humankind. The same applies to your ACs as well. If you think upgrading to a bigger unit will enhance its performance, you are wrong. When selecting an AC for your space, you need to keep two factors in mind:

  • The strength of the unit
  • The space that needs cooling

These factors will help you reach an ideal decision. Installing a bigger AC because you think it will perform better is like tossing a bag of money in a garbage bin.

When making a significant decision like investing in an AC, get advice from an expert provider of AC installation services.

Close Vents Of Unused Rooms To Save On Your Bills

Closing vents is worthless because the HVAC system is designed to distribute a certain set amount of air throughout the house. Thus, closing the vents will have no effect on the set capacity. Hence, if you want to reduce your bills, switch to a different mode rather than closing the vents.

Running The AC And The Ceiling Fan Concurrently Helps Reduce Air Temperature Faster

Lastly, people believe operating a fan, and an AC simultaneously reduces air temperature further. The truth is, the fan only swirls the already cooled air around you, which makes you feel cooler as the water droplets on your skin evaporate. Fans play no role in reducing the air temperature.

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