Advantages Of A Furnace Humidifier In Winter

November 22, 2019

Advantages Of A Furnace Humidifier In Winter

The cold during winter here in Edmonton Alberta becomes unbearable when the season hits its peak. January and February are two months of the year in which the day time temperature is around -5 to -15°C. Since the outside temperature is already very low, it becomes a necessity to run your furnace around the clock to keep warm during the extreme weather conditions.

But keeping your loved ones warm and cozy also comes at a price. The humidity level inside your home falls significantly which causes skin, scalp, hands, throat, and breathing problems. No doubt the heaters in your home or office make you feel warmer by throwing hot air around you. But this dry air removes moisture out of porous things like furniture resulting in deterioration of these expensive items.

The best furnace humidifier installation company in Edmonton provides reasons and advantages as to why you need a furnace humidifier in winter:

Increased Convenience

After you have installed and configured a humidifier to your heating system, you can regulate the humidity level on the hygrometer. The recommended level of atmospheric moisture in a room is between 35 to 50%. This furnace humidifier functions with the help of a hygrometer which adjusts the humidity level in your home.

As your furnace keeps warming the interior of the house, the humidifier attached to it dampens the inside atmospheric air and distributes it to the entire house through ducts.

More Comfort

Unlike other seasons, winter is dry and makes people uncomfortable due to facing dry skin, cough, allergens and other difficulties. People have to apply body lotions and particular creams on their bodies to restore moisture. This turns winter which is supposed to be an interesting time of the year into a dull season. But fortunately, with the help of a furnace humidifier, you can get rid of dry air inside your house and feel comfortable just like any other season.

Maintain Humidity Level

We have talked about adding moisture to your house but too much humidity can also produce dust mites, mildew, and mold. The moistness must be maintained at 35 to 50%. Therefore, it’s worth noting that the furnace humidifier which runs on a hygrometer constantly regulates the level of clamminess and prevents it from increasing to dangerous or uncomfortable levels.

Increase Furnace Efficiency

A simple furnace has to function more aggressively to maintain house temperature. This is because of the increased dry air inside the building which enhances the need for more heating. This can sometimes result in malfunctioning of your furnace during peak winter time and you may have to bear additional repair costs.

In the case of furnace humidifiers, your furnace doesn’t need to work extra due to moisture already added by the humidifiers. The furnace runs at a lower temperature which further increases its efficiency.

Lesser Maintenance

Research shows that normal humidifiers and water tanks require regular cleaning to prevent building up of disease-causing molds and bacteria. Since the whole-house humidifier is directly attached to the furnace via ductwork, it doesn’t require regular maintenance. You only have to open the ducts once or twice a year to clean the white dust particles left by evaporated air.

Health Benefits

A simple furnace creates dry air inside your home which causes many health-related issues like respiratory difficulties due to some viral infections, sinus problems, and nose bleeds. On the other hand, a furnace humidifier maintains constant levels of atmospheric moisture throughout the house. It produces healthy air to breathe for you and your family members. It also helps in controlling the flu germs, dry skin, chapped lips, and dehydrated throat through moist air by not allowing viruses and bacteria to grow.

Lower Operational Cost

Normal humidifiers require distilled water facilities to work at their best. A furnace humidifier is directly connected to your house water system needing no special water arrangement for its proper functioning.

Lower Energy Bills

As discussed earlier, the furnace humidifier functions in a way that your furnace doesn’t have to work more than required. The moisture added by the humidifier gives the feeling of a higher inside temperature. This means you don’t have to up the thermostat settings to cope with the increasing cold.

Lower thermostat setting means that you get to save on your energy bills by keeping your furnace functioning at a lesser temperature.

Safer Electronics

Lower humidity level means more static electricity to cope with. These static electric charges developed in dry conditions cause static shocks. Static shock can be annoying for anyone when they experience these static shocks by touching doorknobs, metal surfaces, and light switches. The furnace humidifier saves you from all such painful shocks by maintaining safer electronics in your house through increased humidity.

Long-lasting Furnishing

Due to increased dryness, the paint and wallpaper could start to peel off in your house. The surface of your wood floor could also experience gaps leading to the entry of dust particles. Any furnishing made of wood will be affected by extreme dryness resulting in warping, shrinking, and cracking of the wood.

Winter is a long season here in Canada. Therefore, one cannot just rely on a simple furnace to keep their family warm and comfortable. The above-mentioned reasons explain why you need a specialized furnace humidifier to thoroughly enjoy the winter season.

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