Why Won’t My Air Conditioner Turn Off?

October 6, 2022


While some would argue that having an air conditioner running all the time is preferable to one that won’t even turn on, we are all aware of how energy bills can soar. A continually running AC will also wear down quickly, necessitating frequent maintenance or an early replacement.

It’s possible that several broken parts that need to be replaced are to blame when your air conditioner won’t stop running. In these situations, your AC might require an assessment from a professional HVAC technician.

Nonetheless, here are some of the most common causes of an air conditioner running nonstop and what you can do about it.

It’s Time To Adjust Or Fix Your Thermostat

Every ten years, a new thermostat should be installed. Thermostat sensors become clogged with dirt over time, making it impossible for them to measure the room temperature precisely. Communication between the thermostat and the air conditioner can also be interfered with by electrical wiring damage and breaking of wiring connections.

Additionally, if the set temperature is not what you anticipated, it could appear as though your air conditioner is operating nonstop. The setpoint might be lower than typical in homes where multiple people control the thermostat, which results in the air conditioner operating longer to reach the desired temperature even if you expected it to turn off sooner.

Your AC’s Condenser And Coils Are Filthy

Hot air moves over the interior evaporator coil, where heat is removed, to chill a house. The lines carry the refrigerant as they run to the exterior unit. The condenser coil’s capacity to release heat from the refrigerant might be reduced by the accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris on the coil.

The air conditioner’s ability to cool a room is reduced if the condenser coils are too dusty. Therefore, the system must run continuously to try to cool each room. It will be difficult to discharge heat into the atmosphere if the external condenser unit is obstructed by debris.

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Your AC’s Contactor Is Stuck

It takes power to run your air conditioner. Your outdoor unit and fan may be turned on or off by using the contactor, which functions like a switch to regulate the flow of energy. This component may eventually get worn out, usually from a lack of maintenance, but it may also become stuck as a result of events like a power surge.

The contactor will continue to operate the AC if it is unable to stop the energy from going to your outside unit. To fix this problem and eliminate any potential safety risks, you will require the assistance of a qualified specialist in HVAC services.

Low Refrigerant

The amount of refrigerant that each air conditioner is made to contain is particular in order to allow for efficient heat transmission via the cooling system. The air conditioner is unable to remove enough heat from the hot air in the house if the refrigerant escapes through damaged coils, fractured refrigerant lines, or a broken expansion valve.

The air conditioner will continue to run in an attempt to lower the inside temperature, but with little success.

Dirty Air Filter

A clogged filter makes it difficult for air to pass through the system, which leads to a variety of issues and inhibits the air conditioner from turning off. Pollutants block the air filter, forcing the air conditioner to run continuously to keep the house cool.

Low Fan Speed

The system won’t be able to circulate enough cold air into your home if the blower fan speed is set too low. If this were to occur, your air conditioner will keep running as it tries to bring cool air into your living spaces. The fan blades might become clogged with dirt and grit, slowing it down and limiting its function.

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