The 4 Most Common Furnace Repairs And Problems In Canada

January 26, 2023

The-4-Most-Common-Furnace-Repairs-And-Problems-In-Canada (1)

As a homeowner, you do your best to safeguard your family and house from external risks such as leaks. Another vital task is to keep them warm on cold days and nights. One approach to accomplishing this is to check your windows to see if they are closed and supply everyone with a comfy blanket, but more is needed. Above all, you must ensure that your furnace is operating correctly and maintaining an optimal indoor temperature in your home.

There could be various causes for a furnace problem. An expert HVAC contractor can evaluate your furnace, but it is equally crucial for you to realize when a repair is required to avoid future issues. Here are four common indicators that a repair or replacement is needed.

The Furnace Is Not Producing Sufficient Heat

Due to various air filter blockages, your furnace may not work correctly. Filters that are dirty impede airflow into and out of the device. The HVAC system struggles to disperse heat efficiently due to the restriction in airflow.

This is a more common issue in convection furnaces. This is because convection units use the principles of forced air and convection currents to heat the environment.

When the heater draws in air, it passes through the filter, which keeps particles from entering the unit. However, if the filter becomes clogged with debris, it might block air from entering the furnace. When there is insufficient air supply to your stove, the machine will discharge less warm air into the environment per cycle.

You can solve this issue by replacing the air filters in your furnace or calling a professional furnace repairer. The changing of an air filter is a routine maintenance activity. If you perform regular maintenance on your HVAC system, you will not have this problem.

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Your Furnace Is Not Receiving Power

It is common knowledge that no electrical appliance can function without power from an electrical socket. So, for your furnace to work, you must connect it to a power source. But what if you attach the heater and it refuses to turn on?

Then it is most likely not receiving power and cannot function. So, what is the problem stopping your heating system from obtaining power?

Most consumers do not question their power lines when their electrical equipment suddenly ceases to work. So you may be concerned that your furnace is malfunctioning when, in fact, the problem is with the electrical line.

Needless to say, a broken power cord will not allow the necessary currents to enter the machine. So, as long as you’re utilizing a damaged cable, there’s no way your HVAC system will work.

The apparent fix for this issue is to replace the power cable. However, before doing so, try cleaning the cable port and ensuring everything is in working order before inserting a new line. Call an expert HVAC contractor to fix it.

Problems With The Pilot Light And Ignition

If you have an older furnace, one of the most typical difficulties you may encounter is with its pilot light. Due to a clogged pilot orifice, a low flame setting, or a faulty safety switch, the pilot light may continue to flicker.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions to relight your furnace’s pilot light. If it goes out again, clean the pilot light aperture and adjust the flame setting.

Check that the flame is blazing blue. If it isn’t, it could be due to a lack of oxygen. Clean out the intake valve to improve oxygen flow, your best bet is to acquire the assistance of an HVAC contractor so that the furnace does not run into more problems.

Electric Ignition Failure

Electric ignitions are the electrical furnace analogues of pilot lights. As a result, they do not use exposed flames like pilot lights. Nonetheless, they are prone to several issues. For example, they may abruptly begin to produce less heat.

More irregular heat cycles may also occur, or the blower may become overly active. An aging igniter, a malfunctioning limit switch, or power surges frequently cause these issues.

Most of these concerns will require the assistance of a competent specialist to resolve. However, before hiring specialists, you could try some simple furnace repairs.

First, inspect the circuit breakers to ensure they are in good working order. After that, check the wiring to the ignitor for any disconnections that could cause a short circuit.

Also, turn off your thermostat while the device is turned on, then turn it off. Wait 10 minutes before turning the machine back on and turn on the ignition switch. Finally, you should inspect and replace your furnace’s filters. If the ignition switch continues to malfunction, contact a specialist.

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