Common Heating Mistakes Households Make In Winter

January 14, 2020

Common Heating Mistakes Households Make In Winter

Along with freezing weather, winter poses special challenges for heating systems. Households can do several things to optimize their heating performance and reduce energy bills. However, instead of making the most of energy spending in winter, households make some common heating mistakes.

We know heating houses in the winter can be costly especially when households use inefficient, old heating systems. If the furnace installed in your house is the most neglected HVAC system tucked in a closet or in the basement, then you should start thinking about strategies to improve the performance of your HVAC systems.

Let’s take a look at some of the common heating mistakes households make in the winter and why you should avoid them to ensure better heating and lower energy consumption:

Overrunning The System To Heat The Home Faster

People don’t touch their thermostats for many months of the year. Now winter has arrived and the in-home temperature is declining. The first thing households think of is their thermostat. It’s easy for your car heater to quickly warm up the enclosed space as the heat floods the space and you feel warm fairly quickly. This is not the case with your home heating systems.

You’re making a mistake if you think it takes the same approach when heating your home. Setting the thermostat up higher expecting your space to heat faster is not a good approach. Your home thermostat can’t heat up the entire space instantly. It operates in a slow and steady way until it hits the desired mark.

Whether you make your heating system work harder or you set the thermostat to the normal temperature, the indoor air will be warmed at the same speed. Instead of setting the thermostat for a higher heat level and then turning it back down after some time, let it work normally. Don’t crank it to heat the home faster.

Heating An Empty House

It’s not cost-effective to keep your heating system on all day to warm up an empty house. No matter how good your insulation is, a certain amount of heat constantly escapes your building. Keeping the heating system on throughout the day simply means energy is being consumed to replace the lost heat. The best solution is the use of a programmable thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature to make sure your house is heated when you’re there. A programmable thermostat will help you save money on power bills.

Ignoring Leaks And Drafts

Most people don’t realize how much heat their house could be losing due to leaks and drafts. To prevent the heat from escaping your space, check all the doors and windows for drafts. Seal all the points from where cold air can come in or warm air could leak. Attic and the basement should be thoroughly examined to make sure there is no way warm air could leak out.

If you’re not happy with the performance of your heating system, don’t hesitate to consult HVAC professionals.

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