Components Of A Humidifier That Need Servicing Annually

October 14, 2021

Components Of A Humidifier That Need Servicing Annually

Like all mechanical equipment, your humidifier also needs proper maintenance and repair. Low temperatures mean lower moisture levels in the air. The warm air from the furnace in winter has more potential to hold moisture as compared to the cold air. However, if your humidifier is not properly cleaned or serviced it will not be able to provide the required moisture to the warm air coming from the furnace.

A humidifier is a great way to ensure optimum levels of moisture in your home especially if you or a family member suffer from allergies. Majority of homeowners level the important task of maintaining, cleaning, and servicing their humidifier on a professional humidifier repair company in Edmonton like Nor Can Heating & Air to get better results.

This blog thoroughly explains the various components of a humidifier that need maintenance and servicing annually.

Evaporative Pad

The evaporative pad is responsible for collecting dust, mold spores, minerals, and other similar particles from the air. The pad needs to be cleaned and changed once a year to prevent unhealthy indoor air.


Your drains are a collecting point for contamination. Minerals can form build-ups and clog your drains. If this happens your humidifier can leak and possibly damage your furnace. Therefore, your drains should be cleaned and cleared at least once a year, the best time is the onset of the winter season.


The humidistat measures the humidity level of your home and signals the humidifier to turn on when the level drops below normal. The humidistat needs to be checked every year to ensure that it sends correct signals to the humidifier about turning on and off.


The fan is responsible for introducing the moisture in your home’s air stream. It needs to be cleaned to ensure that the moisture is free of contaminants. The fan motor must be checked to make sure it is spinning freely so that all the moisture the humidifier produces is dispersed into the air stream efficiently.

Water Distribution Tray

All the water involved in the production of required humidity goes through the water distribution tray. The minerals in the water can build up a deposit on the tray, and the excess mineral deposits can clog your water distribution tray. When your water tray is clogged, water drips out of the humidifier onto the furnace. Continuous trickling water can damage the furnace causing a big financial problem.

Scale Control Insert

This part is specifically designed to control mold, dust, and other contaminants. The collected contaminants stay on this part of the humidifier, therefore, it is important to clean the scale control insert portion of your humidifier otherwise these can transcend into the main air stream of your home. Hence, a dirty scale insert means low air quality.

Solenoid Valve

This is another part of your humidifier that needs to be checked every year. This valve allows the water to flow through the system when signaled by the humidistat and also stops the flow of water when the system indicates an adequate level of humidity in the environment.

Final Thoughts

Your humidifier is a mechanical device that is essential for creating a comfortable environment for you and your family members during winter. It is the best device to keep you safe from allergies, extra sneezing, and breathing problems due to dry winter air. Proper maintenance and servicing can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your system.

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