Dangers Of An Inefficient Water Heater

October 18, 2019

Dangers Of An Inefficient Water Heater

Water heaters are a blessing during the winter. Especially if you live in a cold region like Edmonton where the temperature can drop significantly low during the winter months. Now, imagine it’s snowing outside and you have access to uninterrupted warm water in your home. Feels comfortable right? But this comfort can become a nuisance very easily. It can become a danger as well if you mismanage a perfectly working water heater.

Water heaters demand timely maintenance and management. The setting of the thermostat, checking if there are any leaks and making sure the water flows freely are some basic checkpoints. Water heater repairs are common in cities like Edmonton. So we thought it was best to give you some insights on the dangers of mismanaging your water heater.

Small Issues Get Big

It may not sound like an imminent danger but it sure becomes a big financial loss if you ignore a minor issue when it occurs. Any issue or problem in a water heater when left unchecked will definitely grow into a bigger problem that can eventually stop your water heater from performing well. Once this happens you will have to bear a bigger cost to get it fixed.

High Energy Costs

When a water heater is not performing at its optimum setting, it will use more energy and still remain inefficient. It will heat the water slowly and the warmth of the water may also get compromised. All this and yet you will still have a very high energy bill. It is of vital importance that you maintain the working capacity of your water heater as best as you can.

Water Leaks

Water heaters have a number of pipes attached to them that run into the building, be it a house or commercial building. If any pipe has a leak, it will definitely compromise the quality of the heated water. It will waste energy and warm water which is a danger if winter is upon you. Imagine having a water heater that does not provide you with warm water, yet you still have to pay the utility bills.

Gas Leaks

Gas water heaters may be very efficient in their functions. They pose a great threat if there is even a minor leak of gas. Gas leaks can turn into a scary fire hazard if they’re not taken care of. Especially if there are children in the building, any small incident can turn into a really dangerous situation which must be avoided at all costs.

Electric Short Circuits

Water heaters that use electricity to heat the water are comparatively less dangerous than gas water heaters. Still, the risk associated with even a small spark in its circuitry can initiate a fire hazard or even possibly destroy your water heater altogether. In this regard, it’s very important that you avoid this danger and get your water heater checked by professionals before the winter.

Risk Of Explosion

It’s rare for a water heater to explode, still, there’s always a possibility. Mainly, because of the pressure built in the heater as it heats the water. If the thermostat is set at high temperatures and the water is not consumed, pressure can build up. At this stage, if there is even a small error in the thermostat or if the burner does not slow down, an explosion can occur. Furthermore, if the water heater is using gas it can further raise the dangers of an explosion.

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