Debunking Myths About Air Conditioner Services And Maintenance

August 17, 2023


Air conditioners play a vital role in keeping our indoor spaces comfortable, especially during the summer. However, there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding air conditioner services and maintenance that often lead to inefficiencies and avoidable expenses.

As Edmonton’s top HVAC contractor in this blog, we will address and debunk some of these myths, providing you with accurate and reliable information to better care for your AC unit.

Common Myths About Air Conditioner Services And Reality

Myth 1: Air Conditioners Don’t Need Regular Maintenance

Many people believe that once they install an air conditioner, they can forget about it until it breaks down. This is far from the truth. Regular AC maintenance is crucial to ensure your AC unit functions efficiently and avoids costly repairs.

Myth 2: Lowering The Thermostat Quickly Cools The Room Faster

Contrary to popular belief, setting the thermostat to an extremely low temperature won’t cool the room faster. Your air conditioner operates at a consistent pace, regardless of the temperature setting. Setting the desired temperature will suffice, and the AC will cool the room effectively over time.

Myth 3: Keeping The AC On All Day Is Energy Efficient

Reports by Statistics Canada suggest that in 2021, 64% of Canadian households have some kind of air conditioning. That’s a large number of people that need to ensure they are using their AC in an energy-efficient way.

Leaving your air conditioner on all day, even when you’re not home, is a common myth. In reality, this practice wastes energy and increases your utility bills. It’s more energy-efficient to turn off the AC when you’re away and turn it on when you return, maintaining a comfortable temperature without excessive energy consumption.

Myth 4: Air Filters Only Need Replacement Once A Year

Air filters are a crucial component of your air conditioning system, and neglecting them can lead to various issues. Contrary to this myth, air filters should be checked and replaced every few months, especially during heavy usage periods, to maintain good air quality and enhance the AC’s efficiency.

Myth 5: DIY Repairs And Maintenance Are Sufficient

While DIY projects can be fun and cost-effective, attempting to repair or service your air conditioner without proper knowledge and experience can be risky. It’s best to leave complex maintenance and air conditioner services to licensed HVAC professionals who possess the expertise to handle the intricacies of your AC unit.

Myth 6: Bigger AC Units Provide Better Cooling

Choosing an AC unit solely based on its size is a common mistake. An oversized AC unit may cool the room quickly but will frequently turn on and off, leading to inconsistent cooling and excessive wear on the system. A properly sized AC unit will provide efficient and consistent cooling while consuming less energy.

Myth 7: Air Conditioners Produce Fresh Air

Air conditioners do not produce fresh air; instead, they circulate and cool the existing air in a room. Proper ventilation and occasional airing of the space are essential to maintain good air quality.

Myth 8: Air Conditioners Don’t Need Servicing During The Winter

Some individuals believe that since they don’t use their air conditioners in the winter, they don’t need maintenance during this time. However, winter is an ideal time to service your AC unit and ensure it’s in top condition for the upcoming warmer months.

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Myth 9: Adding More Refrigerants Improves Cooling

If your AC unit isn’t cooling effectively, the instinct may be to add more refrigerant. However, low cooling can result from various issues, and adding refrigerant without diagnosing the problem can lead to further damage. Always consult a professional technician for air conditioner service to identify the root cause of the cooling issue.

Myth 10: Air Conditioners Don’t Require Professional Inspection

Routine professional inspections are crucial to catch potential issues before they can escalate into major problems. Regular maintenance by trained technicians can prolong the life of your AC unit and keep it operating at peak performance.

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