How To Diagnose Furnace Noises And What They Mean

March 24, 2023


Your furnace is essential to maintaining the warmth of your home during the winter. When operating at maximum efficiency, cold air is transformed into warm air, maintaining the comfort of your home and family.

However, your furnace will likely degrade as it ages or lose some efficiency. You might then hear odd noises, ranging from low rumblings to loud screeching. Some repairs are simple, while others call for furnace repair services and expert care from qualified HVAC contractors. In this blog, we’ll go over the everyday furnace noises you might hear, and what they mean so you can figure out what to do next.

Defining Usual Noises

It’s common to hear certain noises from your furnace as it starts up, especially in older units. A popping or clicking sound as the furnace ignites indicates that the unit is functioning correctly. Once the furnace is on, you should hear a low, steady hum as it operates.

However, as metal parts occasionally cool following a heating cycle, you might hear other noises, like a crackling sound. While these noises are generally expected, knowing what constitutes excessive noise or strange, unfamiliar sounds is essential.

If you’re hearing excessive noise or strange, unfamiliar sounds coming from your furnace, it could signal a problem. Seek the assistance of professional HVAC contractors for furnace repair and maintenance services in such circumstances.

Rattling Noise

A rattling sound from the furnace could indicate a faulty access panel or door. You might not need a service call if you can quickly tighten the door or screw and visually identify the issue. If, however, that doesn’t resolve the issue, it might be a loose internal part. Furnaces are complex mechanical devices with constantly moving parts.

These components may become open with time. In order to help with tightening loose parts, turn off your furnace and make a call to a professional finance repair service. In a few rare instances, rattling could indicate a heat exchanger crack. The amount of carbon monoxide that enters your home due to a broken heat exchanger could be dangerous.

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Whistling Noise

A whistling sound in your furnace is commonly caused by dirty air filters that were last replaced a long time ago. Air whistles through the narrow openings when the filter is dirty or clogged; if your furnace filter is disposable, it’s time to replace it.

Remove the reusable filter, clean it, replace it, and test it to see if the sound has disappeared. Cleaning furnaces and air filters are a standard part of most annual tune-ups, so stay on top of your system’s maintenance schedule.

Clicking Noise

When you turn on your furnace, you may hear a clicking sound. This is usual. If the clicking continues throughout the heating cycle, your furnace requires service. A problem with the ignition system is often indicated by repeated clicking. If your furnace cannot ignite, it may make a clicking sound as the igniter struggles to light.

Typically, ignition system problems are caused by a dirty burner, a faulty ignition board or valve, or a damaged flame.

Rumbling Noise

Usually, a rumbling noise from your oil furnace results from a dirty burner or a damaged pilot light. A buildup of dirt or oil close to the burner might make rumbling noises as it burns away. You might also hear rumbling if the pilot light is having trouble keeping its light. The best action to take is to get a pro to clean the appliance, check the pilot light, and make the necessary repairs.

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