Different Types Of Air Conditioning Filters For Your Home

June 9, 2022


Air conditioning filters are important to maintain the quality of the air in your home. They are also helpful in creating a healthy atmosphere in your house. Air conditioning filters increase the life of an air conditioner since they filter the dust and other contaminants from the air coming in.

However, many people are not familiar with the types of air conditioner filters available on the market. As one of the best HVAC service providers, we deem it upon us the duty of raising awareness on the matter. In this blog, we have explained the different types of filters available.

HEPA Filters

HEPA filters remove dust and other tiny particles which can damage human health. These filters are known as high-efficiency filters which clean the air coming into the air conditioner.

HEPA filters are recommended by doctors as they can protect you from several allergies that come with dust particles.

Washable Filters

These are low-cost filters that can save you money and are environment friendly. These washable filters are most preferable for home-usage. They provide efficient air filtration just like any other high-quality air filter.

Another benefit of using a washable filter is their easy installation and cleanliness. They are easily removed from the air conditioner for washing so that the quality of the air conditioner is maintained.

Pleated Filters

As the name suggests pleated filters are made of plates of polyester and cotton. Their ability to filter dust particles is very high. They give good quality filtration as the air is filtered multiple times in all plates of the pleated filter.

Pleated filters are recommended to pet owners as they are good at removing pet fur and other particles which are not visible in the air. They are used in small air conditioning units most commonly used in the house.

Glass Filters

These filters are made up of fibreglass. The filtration power of glass filters is very high. They are used in big air conditioning units and are low cost. Moreover, they are disposable so there is no need to wash the filter parts. Glass filters are not the best option for air conditioners that are used regularly as they cannot filter the air efficiently and need cleaning after a very small amount of time.

Media Filters

These filters are capable of controlling high air pressure. They can endure air pressure easily. So that the air conditioner can give good quality service in high airflow as well. Media filters are available at very reasonable prices. The maintenance of media filters are easy due to their easy removal and installation.

Electrostatic Filters

These filters are best used in homes as they can easily absorb allergens. Electrostatic filters are made up of a cotton material. Due to this, they are able to catch the dust particles rapidly when they enter the air conditioning unit.

These filters can be cleaned and used again making them cost-effective.

Disposable Filters

If you want to use filters that can be disposed of after one-time use inside your air conditioner then a glass filter is a good option. They are the best in infiltration but they are expensive as compared to others because of their one-time use.

Choosing The Right Filter Type

There are several factors which are considered when selecting an air conditioning filter that is suitable for your atmosphere. Some filters come at a higher cost while others need to be replaced more often.

In addition to cost factors, the quality of each type of filter is also different. Some filters are suitable for air conditioners being used in the house and some are best to be used in commercial air conditioning units. All factors are considered when selecting an air conditioner filter as it is mandatory to use the filter regularly.

It is best to take advice from a professional who can understand your air conditioners filtration requirements. So that the filter can provide efficient air cleaning. If the filter is not suitable according to the air condition and surroundings then it will not produce good quality filtered air. This can be dangerous for your air-conditioner and your health.

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