Different Types Of Air Conditioners For Different Buildings

September 9, 2020

Different Types Of Air Conditioners For Different Buildings

Selecting the right air conditioner for your building doesn’t only depend on the air conditioner type but also the kind of building you are residing in. This blog shares some useful information about the type of HVAC system that will suit your single-story house, multi-story house, or apartment.

HVAC systems for your single story house

When it comes to single-story houses, it’s better to install a single unit air conditioner. The term single unit HVAC system refers to installing a system to cool or heat a single room or space. The reason is that single-story houses don’t have multiple stories, and a single unit air conditioner can cool the entire home. Of course, the house’s design will determine how much a single unit air conditioner can regulate to cool the house.

If the house’s architectural design is open, one single unit HVAC system can be enough to cool and heat your home. One condition is to ensure you place your air conditioner in the right place. It’ll make your HVAC system very cost-effective as you may not need to buy and install multiple units for multiple rooms and stories.

If your single-story house’s design or size requires more than a single split HVAC system, you can go for multi-split systems. You can make your air conditioning system space-efficient for your home by selecting multi-split systems. These multi-split units allow you to have one outdoor unit connected to multiple inner units for cooling or heating different rooms and stories of your house.

Best HVAC system for a multi-story house

If you have a multi-story house with up to five rooms that need an air conditioning unit, a multi-split system can be the best option for you. Multi-split air conditioning systems offer five split units that are installed in rooms individually with one outer unit.

If you have a house bigger than this, you will need ducted air conditioning systems, or central heating and cooling units. These HVAC systems provide temperature control in your house centrally. It is controlled centrally and doesn’t offer individual controls in every room.

One of the benefits of a central heating and cooling unit is that you are not limited to a fixed number of rooms that are controlled by these central HVAC systems. Instead, it can cool or heat your home entirely through a centrally controlled HVAC system. It allows you to control energy consumption and keep it cost-effective for yourself.

The most suitable HVAC system for an apartment

If you rent an apartment, your choices may be different and limited. If you own your apartment, you can have a wide range of options to select the most suitable system for your specific apartment. You’ll also need to consider the rules and regulations of the apartment building’s board or committee.

In addition to your apartment’s ownership or rental status, it also depends on which floor your apartment is. Going for a wall, window, or portable air conditioning unit will be a wise option if you live in a rented apartment. On the other hand, if you own your apartment, you can go for a low profile wall-mounted or even a floor standing split unit.

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