Factors That Affect Your HVAC System’s Performance

June 10, 2021

Factors That Affect Your HVAC System's Performance | Nor-Can Heating & Air

When it comes to a HVAC system’s performance, several factors affect it. This blog discusses the certain weather factors that can cause wear and tear to your HVAC system.

Dust Storm

Dust storms cause dust to fill the air, and this dust can enter the external unit of your HVAC system. When dust particles build up inside the system, it affects the system’s performance. The HVAC system throws dusty and affected air inside your home and endangers your health and well-being. Dust can also block the air passages and cooling of the system.

The remedy for this is to have your system regularly serviced. It will clean the system thoroughly from dust particles.

Heavy Rain

The external unit of your HVAC system remains constantly exposed to weather and climate changes. Therefore, it needs proper care and preventive measures to avoid any damage. Rainwater must not directly fall on the external unit of your HVAC system. Water can enter the places of your unit and start to damage its metal components. The most significant danger is that it can rust and weaken the components.

Debris Damaging The External Unit

The weather elements also include debris falling from anywhere on the HVAC system. It can be tree branches, leaves, lightweight waste material, small stones, or anything that can damage the unit.

The damage from this debris can be severe and costly to repair. The fins of the grill can get damaged, affecting the performance of the HVAC system. You need to ensure that you have proper coverage to avoid damage from debris and other harmful elements.

The placement of the external unit is also crucial to prevent it from damage. The selection of the place for the external unit must be made right in the first place. There needs to be minimum or no exposure to harmful elements.

Snow Fall

When snow falls on the air conditioning unit, it melts down after some time. The melted ice can enter the unit, damaging the system internally. During winter, you don’t use your air conditioner and may ignore it completely. The continuous snowfall can seriously damage the unit.

Direct Exposure To Heat

Heat is another factor that directly affects the performance of your air conditioner. The more heat it is exposed to, the less efficient your air conditioner will be. When your air conditioner is directly exposed to sunlight during the summer, it will result in inefficient cooling. There must be some shade or a cover on the unit to protect it from damage and inefficient performance.

In addition to the deteriorated performance, sunlight can wear out the unit’s surface, shine, and look. The instructions or any other important things can fade away from it, causing problems for maintenance.

Moss And Algae

If you completely ignore the maintenance of your HVAC system, moss and algae can grow in its surroundings. This can lead to infectious diseases that can affect you inside your home as well.

Cleaning the area adjacent to your HVAC unit can ensure the safety and high performance of your HVAC system. Proper cleaning and cutting of herbs and grass from the area close to your external unit is critical. It ensures there are no harmful elements that may affect the performance of your AC and the air quality inside your home.

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