Furnace Cleaning Tips To Consider Before Winter

October 7, 2019

Furnace Cleaning Tips To Consider Before Winter

Winter at its peak can force anyone to stay indoors. Chilly winds and snow falls can sometimes be a nuisance. White landscapes may be a pleasing sight for our eyes. That sight means we will have limited mobility. Keeping the hard winter times in mind, one of the most important basic needs is the availability of a warm atmosphere in our homes and offices. This is why our furnace becomes an essential commodity of our lives.

Every time winter gets near, the masses try to hire a furnace maintenance company. The shortage of time and the need to manage maximum clients may reduce the quality of your furnace maintenance. Since you are not aware or even qualified to know every little detail required to make sure your furnace works fine the whole season. We recommend that you follow this blog as we shortlist the best 11 furnace cleaning tips before you face this upcoming winter.

Get Professional Advice

There is no alternative to getting a professional check-up done from a reputed company that is nearest to your house or office. This will make sure that you are informed about the weak points of your furnace and its whole setup. Furthermore, you can receive recommendations to fix your furnace and make certain that it won’t fail for the upcoming winter.

Re-install Anything Broken

Once you know the condition of your furnace, you must replace anything that is not working properly or parts that are broken. The previous tip is actually the prerequisite of this tip. By replacing the broken parts of the furnace you will get a much more promising furnace performance throughout the winter season.

Repair Any Weak Pipes

While the professionals check your furnace they will test the pipes of the furnace as well. As time passes pipes get weak and are at potential risk of leakage. This is where you must repair or install new pipes to make sure you don’t have to get them fixed in the middle of the winter.

Thorough Furnace Clean-up

A complete clean-up of the furnace will make sure that there is no residual blockage in the pipes. The exhaust section once cleared will perform better in the season. This detailed cleaning practice will be sure to keep your furnace clean and keep it running at peak performance.

Checking The Exhaust Pipes

Exhaust pipes can get blocked if not cleaned on time. This is why it remains an essential part of furnace maintenance. Professionals usually clean the exhaust pipes after they have checked and fixed all the broken parts.

Removing Any Blockages

Furnaces are complex machines, their functions are technical and require the collaboration of all their parts. This is the reason that even a small part when blocked or stuck could compromise the whole furnace and affect its performance.

Checking Harmful Gas Detectors

Furnaces that use gas to operate can sometimes release harmful gasses like Carbon Monoxide. This is the reason that furnaces normally have gas detectors checking if these detectors are working fine or not must be part of the maintenance.

Replace The Air Filters

Air filters can be cleaned and reused, but the professionals recommend that air filters should be replaced with new ones. This practice will remove any doubt that the air filter might get blocked in the middle of the winter and could restrict the furnace from performing as it’s supposed to.

Keep The Furnace Area Free From Clutter

Furnaces are often installed in basements or storage places. These places are used to store other stuff as well which is a bad move. Your furnace area should be clutter-free. This is due to the heat it produces while it is operational and to avoid any further damage in case the furnace needs repairs.

Check Thermostat

Furnaces are controlled by thermostats, this is why they must be checked with all the other parts of the furnace. The thermostat is in fact the most used part of the furnace and is usually used by different people. So, having a good working thermostat is definitely a good checkpoint.

Test Start The Furnace And Check For Leaks

Once you are done with the maintenance and made sure that all the above-mentioned points are considered, you need to test run the furnace in different settings. This will help you find out if there are any missed leaks or repairs needed. After the test run is cleared you should be ready and well prepared for the winter.

Nor-Can Heating & Air is one of the top furnace maintenance and installation specialists operating in Edmonton. If you’re interested in having your furnace looked at by us before the upcoming winter season, don’t hesitate to schedule a check-up from our website or call us directly to book your next scheduled service check.


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