Crucial Factors To Consider When Installing An AC In The Kitchen

July 7, 2022


Summer is hot, and it can be quite difficult to cook in the kitchen, even if you have a passion for it. The constant heat from the stoves and the particles stuck on the kitchen walls can be quite an unpleasant scene. Summer in Canada can be quite hot and humid. Therefore, you must create a comfortable environment in your kitchen so that everyone can cook easily without sweating.

One solution for this kind of situation is to install an AC in your kitchen. However, many people are confused about whether they can really install AC in their kitchen or not. The truth is that the refrigerants used for a typical home air conditioner are not flammable under normal conditions. Thus, it is quite safe for you to put your AC in your kitchen and use it.

Although installing an air conditioner in your kitchen is fine, you must consider some important factors before installing one. This blog post highlights those important factors you must consider before installing an AC in your kitchen.

Use A Chimney

Using a chimney is a must if you use an AC in your kitchen. This is because the function of an AC works by sucking the room’s air and returning it as cool air. However, cooking produces smoke, and that can clog the filters, coils, and internal components of your AC. Therefore, using a chimney becomes necessary because it can reduce humidity and the heat generated from cooking.

Install Your AC At A Distance From The Gas Stove

Installing your AC at a distance from your gas stove is necessary to avoid air movement disturbing the heat efficiency of the stove. The air will blow the fire on the stove which will move around and your food will not cook quickly. Also, the AC will not be able to provide enough cool air in your kitchen because the cold here will be sucked away by your kitchen’s hood. Therefore it can affect the AC’s efficiency and might also increase your utility bills.

Avoid Installing Your Air Conditioner Above Hot Appliances

Heat appliances such as microwaves, rice cookers, ovens, and pressure cookers can also affect the air conditioner’s efficiency. The hot steam goes inside your air conditioner and affects its power consumption.

Moreover, such appliances will burn your air conditioner over time, and you will soon see a burn mark on the air conditioner’s outer parts. Also, such burn marks cannot be removed by simple cleaning. Therefore, always place your air conditioner away from your heated appliances and gas stoves.

Don’t Install A Central Air Conditioner In Your Kitchen

If your home is centrally air-conditioned, make sure that the same AC is not used for your kitchen. This is because the returned air will travel back to your rooms, and will distribute that smelly air from the kitchen to every corner of your house. Therefore, your house will become smoky and smelly. Central air conditioners are not suitable for the kitchen. You must use a split AC for the kitchen.

Some Alternative Ways To Cool Down Your Kitchen

  • Install a wall-mounted propeller exhaust fan.
  • Consider roof ventilation.
  • Install a ceiling or standing fan.
  • Get a kitchen hood.

Final Words

Installing an AC in the kitchen is perfectly okay as some people might have the confusion that it will affect their cooking process. However, you need to ensure that it is installed correctly and not directly above the stove. Moreover, research well and hire a professional air conditioning installation service. Such companies know which important points to consider when installing an AC in the kitchen.

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