How To Keep Bugs Away From Your HVAC Equipment

October 28, 2022


HVAC systems are a staple in almost every household, and with their benefits comes the need for repair and maintenance too. However, one thing that you do not expect to find in your HVAC unit is bugs!

Yes! You can have creepy crawlies in your HVAC unit and if you have not yet experienced this, consider yourself lucky. Those who have this issue have come to the right blog.

Professional HVAC contractors always recommend expert help in this case, and that is absolutely the first thing you should do. After the cleanup, here are some life-saving tips so that this bug-infestation issue never bugs you again.

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Your Outdoor Unit Is Surrounded By Greenery

Insects are bound to appear where there is plantation considering it is their natural habitat.

If there is grass or vegetation close to your HVAC system’s outdoor unit, it is very easy for insects to sneak into your HVAC system.

To be safe from pests, keep two feet of vacated space around each side free from the unit. This should give a practical buffer zone to keep them out and guarantee the adequate airflow that your system needs.

Water Is A Bug’s Best Friend

Puddles of water should not form anywhere near the AC unit. Standing water attracts bugs and is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If there is a puddle that regularly forms around your outdoor AC, then you may want to consider relocating your outdoor AC unit or elevating it.

Water can attract insects, this can not only be harmful to your health, but it can also decrease the aesthetic look of your house.

Tape Up Any Loose Connections In The Ductwork

Bugs hidden away in the basement or storage room can squeeze and get into the channels through an existing opening.

Be mindful of the connections between each part of the open ventilation work, particularly at the joint. Focus on the parts that appear to be crimped or turned. Turn on your AC, then, at that point, place your hand over the pipes, and if you feel the air against your hand, it intends that there is a loose connection or a hole. If you spot any breaks not more than an inch thick, use pipe tape to seal them up.

It is highly recommended to request an HVAC professional to provide air conditioner maintenance services for the foolproof inspection of your ductwork to avoid any pesty inconveniences.

Seal Any Cracks Or Breaks Around Your Equipment

Cracks and breaks can form in any place at your house, particularly around entryways and windows. This also occurs around the edges of your HVAC hardware or adequately close to it so that bugs can slip directly into the system. Sealing any trouble spots will repair this.

Install Screens Over The Vents

Using screens, you can easily avoid bugs by covering both the indoor and outside air vents. If you have a window AC unit, introduce the screening around the outside unit to hinder bugs and flying insects. Guarantee that you introduce the screening appropriately since little gaps will allow the bugs to get into your house.

Air vents without screens give an ideal channel into your home for the littlest of critters.

Not Properly Installing The Unit

Improper installation of the AC permits the entrance of insects. If you consider DIY installation projects, you could incorrectly attach the unit, which would leave loose spaces allowing insects to enter. To keep away from such issues, you should have your AC installed by a qualified professional.

An expert will have satisfactory experience in different sorts of ACs, and can introduce the unit efficiently and make a tight seal.

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