How Low Can You Go? Programming Your Thermostat While You Travel!

December 13, 2017

How Low Can You Go? Programming

During this time of year, some of us are incredibly lucky to be able to travel. Whether that’s a weekend at the in-laws or a week in the Bahamas, a change in scenery is always appreciated in these cold winter months. One of the most common questions that we get asked is if you should program your furnace to a lower setting while you are away.

The Pros

Saving a couple of bucks on your heating bill is an incredibly attractive idea during an already expensive time of year. Lowering your furnace settings while you are away is a great way to do that! Don’t waste energy by forcing your furnace to heat up an empty house. Here’s a travel tip: program your thermostat to start heating your home the morning that you are planning on returning. That way you won’t be unpacking in the cold!

The Perfect Temperature

If you are going away, turning down your furnace is much safer than turning it off. The exact temperature to program is dependant on the 3 P’s:

  • Pipes: We recommend that you don’t program it below 10°C.Anything lower could run the risk of freezing your pipes. And you don’t want to come home that!
  • Pets: If you are leaving your furry or scaly friends at home, be sure to know their comfort level. A long-haired cat is going to have different needs than an iguana, for example. Also be aware that some animals, such as hamsters, will actually attempt to go into hibernation if it is too cold. Do your research or speak to a vet to determine the best environment for your beloved companions.
  • Plants: Houseplants thrive on consistency and most can’t handle rapid drops in temperature. Try to place them in areas of your home that will best meet their needs while you’re away and be mindful of your thermostat setting.

Turning down your furnace while you are away is one way to save money and be gentle on the environment. As long as you are aware of your pipes, pets, and plants while programming your thermostat, you shouldn’t have any surprises when you come home! From all of us here at Nor-Can Heating and Air, have a safe and happy Holiday season, see you in 2018!


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