4 Myths About Air Conditioning That Cost You Money

February 23, 2023


Regarding summertime purchases, air conditioners are often at the top of the list. If not for the first time, most people want to upgrade from their older models to newer, better models. In addition to purchasing and installing an AC, many individuals overlook the device once it is in use by skipping over the manual.

The handbook emphasizes essential information that ensures the air conditioner maintains a comfortable environment while saving you money and energy over time, in addition to the basic operating settings for turning the air conditioner on and off and changing the temperature and fan speed.

Ignoring this guidance or relying on rumours or lousy advice from unreliable sources can result in poor AC unit performance and, ultimately, a shorter lifespan.

This truth might serve as a wake-up call for homeowners who need to save their hard-earned money and stop falling for the usual air conditioning myths. Reputable air conditioning service providers recommend following these myths early on, so homeowners know them.

In this blog we will dispel some of the common misconceptions about air conditioning and suggest strategies to cut costs without sacrificing comfort or the ability to cool off.

Lowering The Temperature Will Hasten The Cooling Process

Cooling a room or house more quickly may be accomplished by lowering the air conditioner’s thermostat.

A high setting will only quickly cool down the space if your air conditioner has a low, medium, and high setting option. Otherwise, regardless of the speed, a low-temperature setting will only set the inside temperature at that low level.

This is because while air conditioners run continuously, turning the temperature down will make the unit work harder, wasting more energy and raising your power bill.

Turn Off The Air Conditioner Before Leaving To Save Money

We may save money by constantly turning the air conditioner off when we leave the house. While this is true over long periods, turning the unit on and off repeatedly over short periods will waste energy and money as extended hours of operation are more expensive.

It is advised to leave the air conditioner on when regularly leaving and returning home during the day as turning it on and off repeatedly will eventually require a complete restart and use more energy than leaving it on during these times.

However, it is less effective to leave your air conditioner on all day. You are wasting money if you still need to buy a programmable thermostat. These thermostats provide temperature control even when you’re not home, saving you money every year! There are also some kinds that your smartphone can remotely operate.

Moreover, according to air conditioning service providers, it is best to consult a professional if your bills seem too out of proportion when turning on the air conditioner.

Greater Results From Larger AC Units

When purchasing an air conditioner, the maxim “larger is better” does not apply, regardless of whether you are purchasing a window or a central air unit. So disregard it! An AC will only be able to satisfy your basic cooling requirements if you have gotten your Air conditioner from an accredited air conditioning service provider that is correctly sized based on the square footage of your room or house.

The compressor will burn out and have a shorter lifespan if you utilize a larger AC, as it will stop and start more frequently. Your HVAC system will eventually lose its cooling capacity and start using more energy to operate. Not only will you have to pay more upfront, but you’ll pay more each day the unit is in use.

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For The First Year, The Air Filter Will Not Need To Be Changed

In addition to being harmful to your health, dust, mold, and other filth particles that accumulate in your air filters also reduce airflow, which makes your AC unit work harder. As a result, there has been a significant increase in electricity use and utility costs.

Any airborne particulates, including dust and tiny airborne particles, are efficiently removed by a clean filter. However, a clogged filter can worsen indoor air quality since it is a holding area for dust and other airborne pollutants constantly recirculating your home. Your air will remain clean if you replace your air filters as the air conditioner service provider recommends.

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