Nor-Can Heating & Air – Your Go-To HVAC Specialists In Edmonton

August 13, 2020

Nor-Can Heating & Air - Your Go-To HVAC Specialists In Edmonton

At Nor-Can Heating & Air, our prime objective is to serve the Edmonton community with the most reliable and efficient HVAC solutions. As a responsible Canadian HVAC firm, we strive to provide the most exceptional heating and cooling design and engineering capabilities. We employ, develop, and retain qualified HVAC experts committed to providing timely and efficient emergency HVAC services to our clients.

Our team of reputable and highly experienced HVAC professionals install, maintain, and repair HVAC systems such as air conditioners, furnaces, water heaters, and others in Edmonton. We believe it’s our reasonability to help our customers select the most effective heating, cooling, and ventilation systems as per their requirements. We were recently featured in the Best In Edmonton List, in recognition for our services.

Our Services

At Nor-Can Heat & Air, we provide two main kinds of services; installation and maintenance of HVAC units. From installing new cooling and heating systems to maintaining and upgrading existing HVAC systems, we do our best to ensure a pleasant indoor environment for our residential clients in a budget-friendly manner.

To be specific, Nor-Can Heating & Air provides five significant HVAC installation and maintenance services;

  • Furnaces
  • Water heaters
  • Air conditioners
  • Humidifiers
  • Carrier smart thermostat


Due to the cold Canadian climate, you want to keep the interior of your home warm without spending extra on your utility bills. This can only be accomplished by installing the best quality furnace in your building. Nor-Can Heating & Air provides you with the most efficient carrier furnaces that can reach up to 96.7% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency AFUE.

Inspection & Maintenance

You can get the most out of your current furnace in terms of energy consumption and costs by scheduling yearly inspections. We will help you know whether or not your furnace is operating at an optimum level. If your heater is not functioning as it should, our HVAC maintenance experts will perform required maintenance tasks to extend your furnace’s useful lifespan and performance.


Nor-Can Heating & Air can replace your old furnace with higher efficiency, which will help you overcome issues like rising energy bills and faulty heating. We supply and install modern carrier furnaces that are easy to operate, less noisy, and are built with increased efficiency.

Water Heaters

No one wants to start their morning with a cold shower or do laundry and dishes in cold water. Whether you’re operating a gas-based or an electric water heater, your water heater must be functioning correctly so that you don’t pay extra on your utility bills.

Inspection & Maintenance

For an average water heater, inspection and maintenance work should be performed every two months, every six months, or least once a year, depending on its condition. Nor-Can Heating & Air provides you with regular water heater maintenance to reduce the costs of major repairs and extend your HVAC system’s useful lifespan.


The lifespan of your water heater largely depends on several factors, including installation, maintenance schedule, quality of the unit itself, and water being used. Nor-Can Heating & Air can help replace your old water heating system with an increasingly energy-efficient unit to decrease your energy bills.

Air Conditioners

Nor-Can Heating & Air provides its residential clients with carrier air conditioning units with a 16 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. The higher the SEER rating, the better it is in terms of your AC unit’s efficiency.

Inspection & Maintenance

With time, every air conditioner loses its efficiency, increasing energy bills as a result. Nor-Can Heating & Air recommends regular inspections and maintenance of your AC unit at least once or twice a year to assure optimal performance and decrease your utility bills.


At Nor-Can Heating & Air, we provide our customers with air conditioning units having the ENERGY STAR® designation and a higher SEER rating. We also make sure that you get the AC unit that fits your size requirements, and ensure proper installation of your new unit.


No matter what season it is, no Canadian wants to live in a home with dry and dusty air. If you’re experiencing a bad indoor quality in your home, it may be due to your home’s low humidity levels. In that case, you should get a new humidifier for your home right away or repair your existing unit. The perfect humidity level for your home is around 45-50%, which can even be harder to achieve during wintertime.

Carrier Smart Thermostat

During winter, most Canadians often leave their electric furnaces on too high when leaving their houses for extended time periods. This usually results in mounting utility bills for heat nobody got to enjoy. In other cases, most households don’t leave the heat on enough and come back home to frozen pipes and a cold home.

The safest way to overcome such issues is to ensure that you always have control over your appliances and HVAC units. Nor-Can Heating & Air provides you with carrier smart thermostats that utilize an essential internet connection, allowing you to have remote access control on your HVAC systems.

Nor-Can Heating & Air is an expert HVAC contractor that provides high-quality HVAC unit installation and maintenance services to its customers in Edmonton, Alberta. Visit our website to read more about our professional services or contact us for personalized care.


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