Questions To Ask Before Buying An Air Purifier This Winter

October 21, 2020

Questions To Ask Before Buying An Air Purifier This Winter

The air inside is as polluted as the air outside. Air purifiers remove particulates from the air that are harmful to human health. These particles can include pollen, dust, pet dander, and other harmful particles.

Increasing emissions of CO2 in the air is making our atmosphere harmful to breathe. This air is trapped in our homes that unknowingly affects our respiratory system. According to the World Health Organization, indoor air is among the top environmental health risks. An air purifier is important for those who suffer from diseases such as eczema and asthma.

If you are looking to buy an air purifier but don’t know where to start, read our blog. We will guide you through and help you in asking the most important questions before purchasing one.

Why Do You Need An Air Purifier?

Several air purifiers are available in the market according to the needs of the buyer. Some people want an air purifier just to purify the air, but air purifiers come with different purposes, such as:

  • For allergies, you may need an allergy relief air purifier
  • If you own pets, you would need a pet air purifier
  • Smoke air purifiers will clean out smoke and fireplace soot
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitive (MCS) purifiers for those sensitive to chemicals

Even if you don’t suffer from any allergies, the presence of harmful particles can affect you. They can lower your immunity and make it hard for you to breathe. Knowing which type of air purifier to buy will narrow down your options and ease your decision.

What Matches The Size Of Your Room?

Air purifiers come in different sizes and speeds. Know the size of your room by multiplying its length with the width. Different sizes of air purifiers are suitable for rooms of different square feet areas. For example:

  • Small ones are suitable for a room of about 300 square feet
  • Medium purifiers are suitable for a 300-700 square foot area
  • Large air purifiers are suitable for 700-1900 square foot rooms

Apart from this, air purifiers have a unique Air Change per Hour rate (ACH). It is the number of times an air purifier cleans the air in an hour. An air purifier that cleans the air at least 4 times in an hour is a good one.

Therefore, a model with a coverage area 500 square feet with 3 ACH will clean air 3 times in an hour.

Do You Need Special Features In It?

Air purifiers have advanced in recent years. They have added extra functions and comfortable features to benefit users. These new features include:

Remote Control

Control your air purifier with a remote while sitting on your couch or bed. Air purifiers come with a remote control that includes different buttons for different operations.


You can set a timer on your air purifier. This feature allows you to run the purifier only on a set schedule.

Adjustable Fan Speed

Noise is a factor that affects many people. There are numerous air purifiers with adjustable fan speed.

Air Pollution Sensor

Some air purifiers have built-in sensors. These sensors adjust themselves according to varying levels of pollution. This feature helps homes with a higher level of pollution, such as smoke, pets, or pollen.

Wheels And Handle

Large appliances are difficult to move. Wheels and a handle are necessary for easy movement in different rooms.

Service Indicator

Few air purifiers have a service indicator feature. This shows when your air purifier requires services and its fans need cleaning. Your air purifiers filters will require some maintenance from time to time.

There are other features such as certification from EPA for energy conservation or wifi purifiers to control your purifier from your phone.

How Often Do Purifiers Require Maintenance?

Maintenance of your air purifier usually requires changing its filter.

HEPA Filters: they require maintenance after 5 years

Carbon Filters: they usually last for up to 6 months and require changing after that

Pre-Filters: they last for up to 3 months only

Having sound information about what type of purifier you want will help you decide which filter to choose. Your purifier must be suitable according to your room. It should purify properly and must be equipped with the features you want.

To get more information on different purifiers, visit the Nor-Can Heating and Air website or contact us.


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