Why Does Your Skin Get All Chapped in Winter?

March 1, 2018

Why Does Your Skin Get All Chapped in Winter?

Here in Alberta, we deal with more than just subzero temperatures in the winter time. Coupled with the frost of the season, we get to battle dry air that chaps our skin and weakens our hair. But why is it that these snowy months cause us to descend into a climate of dehydration?

The Science Behind It

As a general rule, cold air doesn’t hold as much water as warm air. And our air isn’t just cold; it’s freezing.  Even our beautiful Bow River isn’t enough to pump that lost moisture back into the atmosphere during the winter.

How Our Bodies React

As a result, our skin gets dry for a number of reasons:

  1. Source of moisture is gone. We are not able to pull the same moisture levels from the air that we do in summer months.
  2. Blood flow is redirected. Our skin will have less blood flow as our bodies are naturally trying to keep our insides warm.
  3. Glands get cold, too. Our sebaceous glands do not function as well in the cold, so our skin is not being moisturized naturally.
  4. Bundling up draws moisture. Colder months bring heavy clothing. Heavy clothing, although necessary, tends to dry out skin.

What Can You Do?

One tactic is to put up with your dry, cracked skin for months on end, but we believe there is a much more comfortable solution. Having a humidifier installed in your home is a simple way to spare your skin. People who have asthma or respiratory problems also benefit from a good humidifier. Having one installed by experts can ensure that your humidity levels are constant, healthy, and beneficial for you and your family!

If you’re ready for relief from winter dryness, give the experts at Nor-Can Heating and Air a call today! Together we will get your home to feel like spring again.


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