Valuable Early Spring HVAC System Maintenance Pointers

April 7, 2022

Valuable Early Spring HVAC System Maintenance Pointers

Finally, the time you have been waiting for has arrived. Although March heralds the awaited arrival of spring in Canada, it is only in April when temperatures begin to warm up a bit. As a result, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that April and May are the perfect time to plan for the transition into summer. In a matter of a few weeks, you will surely be looking forward to turning off your furnace and heating systems and turning on your air conditioner.

Thus, this transitional period in which your HVAC system will get a break from constant running is the perfect time in Edmonton for furnace repair and other maintenance work. It is during this time of the year when we, as the most trusted HVAC contractors, notice a surge in demand for our services.

In this regard, the importance of HVAC maintenance can not be emphasized enough. Like all other mechanical devices, the longevity of your HVAC system also depends upon proper maintenance and care. In the absence of the latter, minor problems often develop into major issues that ultimately result in unplanned costs. In short, if care and maintenance are postponed, the longevity of your HVAC system will diminish, and you will incur unnecessary repair expenses.

In order to save you from such costs, we present this blog to equip you with some early spring maintenance tips. Observing these tips will not only help you prepare for the new season but also help you increase the longevity of your HVAC system.

Ideal HVAC Maintenance Tips For Spring

In truth, HVAC maintenance is not some rocket science that requires a high level of technical knowledge. Every average homeowner can effortlessly embark on the ensuing tips to enhance the efficiency of their HVAC system for the upcoming warm season:

Start With The Annual Maintenance

As highlighted earlier, maintenance is absolutely essential. If you skip it now, you are most likely to regret it later.

As a result, the first thing you should do in preparation for the summer is contact a professional HVAC contractor in Edmonton. Depending upon your needs, you may need to request the following repair or maintenance services:

  • Furnace cleaning
  • Furnace repair and maintenance
  • Air conditioner repair and maintenance
  • Water heater and humidifier maintenance

The earlier you request this routine maintenance, the better efficiency your HVAC system will show in the summer.

Clean Up The Furnace Before Shutting It Down

Since you will be shutting down the furnace soon, it is necessary that you give it a thorough clean. The constant running of the furnace during the winter often results in the accumulation of debris, soot, and other pollutants. Over each season, these pollutants can pile up and disrupt the furnace’s functionality and ultimately deteriorate its condition.

In this regard, you can either request furnace cleaning and maintenance services from an HVAC contractor or do it yourself. However, we would not recommend DIY furnace cleaning if you are not entirely familiar with a furnace’s components.

Clean The Outdoor Unit

Similarly, the outdoor unit also requires detailed cleaning. Spring is the ideal time to remove any overgrown bushes around the unit and rake away any branches or leaves stuck near the unit. Accordingly, an area of about two feet around the unit should be thoroughly cleaned.

If the latter is not done, there is a high chance that the stuck debris may overstress your HVAC system and provide deficient cooling in the summer.

Replace The Air Filters

Compared to an entire HVAC system replacement, replacing an air filter is relatively easy. To tell you the truth, frequently replacing the air filters does not only enhance your home’s air quality but also makes the whole system more energy efficient. Thus, this tip will indirectly save you on your energy costs.

Test The Air Conditioner

Well, you surely want to make sure that your air conditioner is working properly before summer finally arrives. After all, running around at the last moment will only stress you out unnecessarily. Thus, it is better to be preemptive and inspect the AC beforehand.

Install A Smart Thermostat

Do you often forget to turn off your HVAC system when going on long trips? Well, take care of the latter this spring by installing a smart thermostat in your home. You can easily escape the guilt of unnecessarily leaving your HVAC system on by installing a smart thermostat. This device’s smart technology automatically detects movement in a house and adjusts the temperature accordingly. This dramatically reduces your energy bills.

Contemplate A System Upgrade

Lastly, it would be a great idea to consider a whole system upgrade if your system is old. Instead of wasting money on old HVAC system repairs, make a one-time investment in a better one and enjoy it for the next 20 years. Evidently, upgrading an HVAC system has numerous benefits.

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