The Future Of HVAC Systems

August 26, 2020

The Future Of HVAC Systems

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC) are revolutionizing human lives across the world. Many advancements are going on in the industry. Air conditioning Edmonton, and the entire world is going through rapid technological advances; the HVAC industry is playing its part in transforming people’s lives.

Air conditioners running on thermal energy

With the current popularity of solar energy and other renewable energy sources making their marks in our lives, it wouldn’t be positively astonishing to see our air conditioners running on thermal energy. Some companies in the world have started experimenting with their air conditioner designs by inculcating solar and thermal energy. It’s likely that we’ll see our air conditioners running on thermal-driven mechanisms in the near future.

We can expect future air conditioners to be much more cost-effective and energy-efficient for users.

Air conditioners with movement activation

Our future is likely to witness air conditioners that will be smart enough to detect movement in front of them to activate and deactivate themselves. Such air conditioners will be energy efficient, allowing users to use their air conditioners precisely when they need it. It’ll reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioners. Engineers use aluminum rods with sensors that hang from the ceiling of the room. The sensors can detect when someone comes into the room; and it turns itself on.

Similarly, when someone moves out of the room, the air conditioner shuts down on its own. It doesn’t only save energy but also reduces the carbon footprint. Hence, the advantages aren’t just domestic but social and global.

Air conditioners powered by ice

Have you ever imagined ice, running your air conditioner? Isn’t it fascinating to think? Those who are curious about future technologies, this one will be a treat to watch. Using ice as an energy source for cooling buildings is now possible. The idea might sound simple, but the channeling that makes the air conditioners run on ice isn’t an easy thing to believe.

Well, it is a machine with a tank that freezes the ice during the night so that the next day, it can use the ice to cool the room and the building. It reverses the process of typical air conditioning based on converting warm air into cold air. When all the ice melts, the traditional air conditioning mechanism takes its place. It’s a kind of hybrid air conditioner at the start. Maybe in the future, we’ll see an utterly self-sufficient ice powered air conditioner.

Air conditioners controlled by mobile or tablet

All the applications you have been using, have automated everything, and opened new doors for future advancements. You can now watch your surveillance camera videos from your mobile phones and tablets while you are far away from home. The next thing is to control your air conditioner by turning it on and off with your mobile phones or tablets. There is a demand for some home-based apps to be able to control these appliances with the touch of our fingers regardless of where we are, at home or away.

It again enables you to control your energy consumption and reduce your utility bills. The greater efficiency also saves your air conditioner from unnecessary usage and can enhance its life span.

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