Top Visible Signs You Need To Replace Or Repair Your Water Heater

November 18, 2021

Top Visible Signs You Need To Replace Or Repair Your Water Heater

Water heaters are an essential part of our lives especially during the cold Canadian winter season. However, with time, they can degrade in their capacity and efficiency. They start supplying warm water instead of hot, and there are other signs too, which you might have been ignoring for a long time. Water heaters are like any other appliance, and repairing or replacing them when they have lived their tenure is necessary.

To avoid reaching this stage, you need to be able to recognize some of the symptoms of possible problems with your water heater. Such symptoms are easily noticeable and determine the condition of your water heater. This blog post highlights those signs that can help you determine whether your water heater needs to be repaired or replaced.

Reduced Hot Water

One of the common signs of a faulty water heater is less hot water availability. When you go to take a shower with hot water, and cold water comes out of the faucet instead every now and then, your water heater is not heating enough hot water, and there is something wrong with it. Mineral deposits in the water heating component can cause further harm to your water heater and prevent it from heating the water. This accumulation of minerals can block the pipes and limit the flow of hot water to your taps and shower. So, if you feel that something is not ok with your water heater as it doesn’t give enough hot water, it might be time to replace it or get it repaired.

Rusty Water

The internal parts of the water heater are made of metal, and metal can develop rust over time. This is especially common if you bought your water heater a long time ago. With age, the metal parts of your heater become brittle, and exposure to water can develop rust on them. So, when you turn your shower on, orangish or brown colored rusty water will come out of it. This is unhealthy for your skin and might cause you various skin-related problems. Therefore, it is better to replace your water heater at once if you notice such issues with your water heater.

You See Water Around Your Water Heater

Leaks are another common issue with a faulty water heater and needs immediate professional repair because not only would it supply you with insufficient hot water, but it would be wasting water as well. If you notice any water around your water heater, call your heating company to come and check your water heater.

Cloudy Water

Another sign is cloudy water with a smell. This one is not common, but you can experience it if there is a problem with your water heater. Cloudy water is caused due to mineral deposits in your water heater, and the smell could be a sign of bacterial infection in the tank. Therefore, to avoid any further damage to your health and to your water heater, you should get your heater repaired or replaced.

Your Water Heater Is Making Noise

Most water heaters are designed to work quietly, and perform well when they are new. But, with time, they can develop problems, their parts can become loose, causing them to make noise. It isn’t worrisome if your heater makes a little noise while working. But, if the noise becomes louder after some time and you hear banging or clanking sounds, it means the situation has become worse than before. The mineral deposits jostling around in the tank also cause these rattling sounds along with age. Call a water heater company to have your water heater replaced or repaired.

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