Various Types of HVAC Systems Available To Choose From

May 28, 2020

Various Types of HVAC Systems Available To Choose From

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems come in many different types. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are deciding to install an HVAC system in your office or home, you need to know about various kinds of these systems so that you can choose the best HVAC contractor and the most suitable system. In this blog, we are going to discuss the various types of HVAC systems and how these are different from each other.

Split systems for heating and cooling

As the name suggests, these have separate systems for heating and cooling. The system has two main units that are split for heating and cooling purposes. One of the units is internal and the other one is an external unit. Both these units are easily distinguishable. These systems have a cooling unit that is installed outside. These cooling systems have refrigerants, compressors, and coils that are responsible for cooling the air. It also has a fan that blows the hot air outwards. These HVAC systems come in large sizes. These are used in summer to cool the buildings.

The other part of the heating and cooling system is the heater. Usually, the heater is placed in the basement areas or any other suitable storage space. Gas is used to heat the entire house. The gas is dispersed by a fan or another option is to use an evaporator to spread the gas. A thermostat is used to control the temperature of this system.

Hybrid split system

These are pretty much like the split systems but with a distinguishing feature of mitigating and reducing the energy cost. In the same way hybrid technology enables cars to consume less fuel, hybrid split systems also offer cost-effectiveness. These systems have an electric hybrid heating system that enables them to save energy considerably. This is the reason why these systems are becoming more and more popular with time.

The owner can decide whether they want the heating system to run on gas or on electricity. This makes it cost-effective as the control is in the hands of the owner. These systems are most effective when the temperature is mild and the weather is not too harsh. Typical ducts and thermostats are used in these systems. These systems are useful in cutting the utility bills down significantly.

Duct free systems

These systems are also known as mini-split systems. These systems are special-purpose systems that are expensive upfront. They involve huge upfront costs but offer certain advantages in the long run. These systems are offered as individual pieces for every room or hall. This is the main reason why these systems prove to be expensive. The benefits include independent control to adjust the temperature of the room. These systems are installed by mounting the main unit on the walls. There is a compressor that is installed outdoors.

One of the advantages of using these systems is that there are no ducts involved. Ducts require too much space and require special construction designs to work for them. Also, these ducts can prove to be a good habitat for germs, when not cleaned routinely. So, it’s safe to use these systems during or even after the current pandemic.

Packaged heating and air

These systems are the most popular and niche in the market these days. These systems have a heating and cooling unit that is installed within the house. The most suitable places in a house or any other building to install these systems is the attic or the first-floor storage space. These systems offer smaller size and compact configuration. Both heating and cooling purposes are fulfilled by a single unit. They do not require huge spaces to be installed.

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