3 Ways You Can Minimize Strain On Your AC Unit

June 17, 2021

3 Ways You Can Minimize Strain On Your AC Unit

The average period during which an air conditioning system works efficiently without major issues is around 8-12 years. While you should probably replace it after this time is over, you might still find yourself in a situation that requires your AC unit to be replaced a lot sooner than you might expect. Your air conditioning system’s longevity is affected by multiple environmental factors such as how often and how long you use your AC unit, its overall condition, and the maintenance history of your HVAC system.

During the hot summer season, your air conditioning system works overtime to ensure that your home is a cool and comfortable place to be. As long as your air conditioner unit is working as it should, then it can easily handle the sweltering heat outside. However, too much strain on your AC unit can lead to less efficiency, increased energy usage, and excessive wear and tear. This will eventually result in more utility costs and the premature failure of your AC system.

Understanding the factors that strain your AC unit will help you take the necessary steps to minimize stress on your air conditionings system. It will, in turn, help lower your home’s electricity bills, increase the cooling and comfort in each room, save money on repair costs and put off potential replacements.

Read this blog to find out how you can minimize the strain on your AC unit so that it can work efficiently and last for a longer time, saving you money.

Replace Air Filters

One of the easiest ways to minimize stress on your AC unit is by replacing your air filters, but unfortunately, it’s also one of the most overlooked home maintenance tasks. The dirt particles accumulate on the air filter of your air conditioner over time and clog it, resulting in reduced airflow through your AC system. Thus your AC will require more energy and work harder to make sure your home stays cool.

If you continue to ignore the cleaning of your air filter, they will get extremely dirty after some time, causing your air conditioning system to shut off completely. To prevent this from happening in the middle of the upcoming hot summer season, contact your local HVAC repair service for a routine maintenance check of your HVAC unit. By keeping your air filters clean and replacing them each season, you can increase the lifespan of your AC unit and minimize air conditioning repair costs.

Improve Insulation

Improper insulation and potential leaks often lead to a significant waste of energy to cool down your home. An ideal way to maintain a lower temperature inside your home is by properly insulating your walls and ceilings. You must also check the seals on your doors and windows for any leaks, replacing inefficient ones to prevent the cool air inside from leaking out.

In addition to these, you can also use thermal curtains or blinds to cover your windows during the heat of the day, effectively reducing the heat build-up indoors. Use dishwashers and take hot showers when it is relatively cooler after sundown to ensure less heat build-up in your home. Avoid using your cooking grill indoors in the summer as it increases the amount of heat in your home, adding extra strain to your AC unit.

Adjust Your Thermostat

When you and your family are away from your home for any length of time, you should raise your thermostat to a higher temperature. In the case of a programmable or smart thermostat, you can switch to a higher setting automatically at regular intervals when you are not home. It is pre-programmed to start cooling your home before you come back.

Smart thermostats enable you to adjust your thermostat settings using a phone app for when you are not at home. This is especially beneficial if you plan on going on vacation and end up staying there longer than you originally planned. You can use your phone to control your settings whether or not you have a wifi connection available. Once you find an available connection, the command will be sent to your thermostat at home and raise your temperature.

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