Whether You’re Running Your AC Or Not This Winter: Get Your Questions Answered

December 9, 2021

Whether You're Running Your AC Or Not This Winter: Get Your Questions Answered

Many people find it odd to run their AC during the winter. This is because they think that an AC is meant to supply cold air only. However, if your AC has a functioning heating element, it means that it can also be used as a reversible Air Conditioner. Modern ACs can regulate their temperature according to your requirements, be it summer or winter. These Air Conditioners reverse their function in winter and thus give warm air.

However, many people still are confused about whether they can use their AC in the winter or not. They are also confused regarding the ideal temperature level and what precautions they must follow. This blog post is dedicated to answering all those confusing questions you might have in your mind about running your AC in the winter.

Can You Run Your AC In The Winter?

This one is the most common question asked by people, and it depends on the model of your AC. If your AC supports reversible functioning, you will be able to use it in the winter. However, it might not be as effective as a heating system because the main function of an AC is to provide cool air. ACs are usually designed for use when outside temperatures are higher than indoor temperatures.

Not only this, but you can also use your AC to deliver cold air in winter. For example, if there are too many people in one room, and it has become uncomfortable, you can run your AC for a while to have some cold and fresh air circulate in the room.

Is It Problematic For The AC To Run It In The Winter?

This depends. The answer is not that simple when it comes to problems with running an AC in the winter. Decreasing temperatures outside might cause problems to its outdoor unit, and thus, running an AC at such times might put a load on it.

However, if you maintain your AC with the help of a professional heating and cooling maintenance company, you can keep your AC in good condition for a long time.

Running your AC at lower temperatures can cause some problems, such as:

Lubrication Loss

Lubricants are necessary for the compressor of the AC to make it function properly. In winter, the lubricant can thicken, and thus, become less effective. This lack of lubrication to the compressor puts a load on it and can cause a potential seizure.

Freezing Of Coils

Water drips from the outdoor unit in the summer. In winter, this condensed water can freeze due to low temperatures. This frozen water can also accumulate on the cooling coils and damage them. Therefore, you should allow the ice to thaw for a couple of hours before running your AC.

Compressor Overheats

Your compressor will have to work harder in the winter to keep the temperature warm inside. This might lead to overheating the compressor and damaging it. Therefore, you should get your AC units periodically checked by a professional air conditioning repair service.

How Do You Run An AC In Winter?

If you want to spend your money on a single appliance only, it is better to invest in an AC that can benefit you in both seasons. An AC with a reversible mini-split heat pump supplies warm air in the winter.

However, because most ACs are designed for summer, they will have to perform extra to keep your home warm in the winter. For this, a reversing valve device is used to achieve somewhat close functionality of a heating system by an AC.

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