Why Fall Is An Important Season For HVAC Systems

September 3, 2020

Why Fall Is An Important Season For HVAC Systems

The first day of fall is right around the corner as September 22 will mark autumn’s official beginning, and before you know it, winter will be here to greet us all.

With the pandemic finally getting under control in this part of the world and weather cooling down bit by bit, it is time that we turn our attention to our homes and plan out the fall home maintenance tasks to be carried out to get everything ready for the season. One of the essential tasks in this list is preparing your HVAC system for the changing weather.

Fall is a critical season for HVAC maintenance because your system has worked hard all summer to keep your house cool and comfortable and will need to work hard again to keep your home warm during the winter. To make sure you do not come face to face with any surprise breakdowns during this time, you must schedule an appointment with our expert HVAC technician at Nor-Can Heating & Air to inspect and repair any faults in your system.

Below we mention the fall to-do list to get your HVAC system prepared for the coming seasons.

1. Schedule HVAC Inspection And Maintenance

Fall is the best season to get maintenance work done on your HVAC system. It’s essential to ensure your furnaces and other heating devices are in top shape before wintertime. During the fall, Nor-can Heating & Air perform routine inspections and maintenance of HVAC systems in Edmonton, Alberta. However, the main focus is on the home’s furnaces. After all, you would want to be aware of any heating problems before they cause distress to the residents. For this reason, our fall inspection involves duties like:

  • Making sure the furnace is working at optimal performance
  • Checking the condition of the furnace and inspecting its cleanliness
  • Examining the heat rise
  • Inspecting vent pipes and ductwork
  • Reviewing the pilot light and hot surface ignitor
  • Monitoring nearby leaks such as CO, gas leaks and nearby combustibles
  • Providing maintenance to help increase the furnace’s life and performance.

2. Monitor Your Relative Humidity

In September, we usually turn off our ACs, which is good because who wants extra energy bills when the temperature outside is tolerable, and the home inside feels comfortable. However, when it comes to air conditioners, they perform two primary functions side by side, which are;

  • Reducing the temperature inside your home (by eliminating heat)
  • Decreasing the relative humidity (by removing moisture from the house)

So, when you turn off your air conditioner, humidity inside the house can increase exceptionally. Moreover, with September being the most humid month in Canada, things can get really sweaty and clammy.

In some houses, the increased humidity is no big deal. But, in other homes, it becomes necessary to deal with the problem. So, if you have ever felt like that in the fall, you might have a humidity problem.

If you’re not sure how you can manage indoor humidity levels or you don’t know what methods are perfect for your building structure, consult our reliable HVAC experts.

3. Schedule HVAC Replacement

If your HVAC system has gotten old and unreliable and you have been putting off the systems necessary replacement, then there is no better time than in fall to schedule an HVAC replacement. If you need to replace your HVAC system or implement energy efficiency improvement projects in your house, then September mild weather is a much better time to do these things than in extremely hot or cold weather. The same goes for other house performance projects.

For more information on HVAC systems and maintenance and improvement, visit our website, or call us today at 780-934-4328.


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