Why Is Furnace Cleaning And Maintenance Important During Early Spring?

March 11, 2021

Why Is Furnace Cleaning And Maintenance Important During Early Spring?

Whether it’s a heating or cooling unit, all HVAC systems require routine maintenance checks to help keep them in the best condition. Performing preventative HVAC inspection and preservation in the early spring is the best thing you can do for your furnace. A professional HVAC contractor can help your furnace perform efficiently and save you from costly furnace repairs next winter season with timely maintenance.

Make sure your HVAC servicing expert performs the following essential maintenance checks on your unit during your furnace cleaning and maintenance process:

Changing The Furnace’s Filter

Your furnace’s filter plays a key role in your HVAC unit’s overall performance. With time, furnace filters get clogged with dirt, dust, and other contaminants, which can badly impact its efficiency. The more clogged these elements become, the harder it gets for the furnace to work properly.

As an integral component of the central HVAC system, a furnace helps circulate conditioned air across your home. That’s why it’s vital to replace its filter regularly to achieve optimal performance from your HVAC unit all year long.

Cleaning The HVAC’s Air Ducts

Your HVAC system’s ducts play a vital role in circulating warm air during winter and cool air during the summer across your home. With time, pollutants, like cobwebs, mold and mildew spores, dust, and grime can get inside these ducts, resulting in respiratory and other illnesses.

Cleaning your air ducts via certified HVAC professionals can help significantly improve the indoor air quality of your home by eliminating various disease-causing bacteria and other microorganisms.

Cleaning The Area Around Your Furnace

Ensure your HVAC technician cleans the area around your furnace by vacuuming out contaminants such as dirt, dust, and debris. Getting rid of all the unwanted elements surrounding your electric or gas furnace will help you achieve an uninterrupted airflow from your system.

Why Should You Schedule Your Furnace Tune-Up During Early Spring?

Early spring is the best time to have your furnace inspected for the following reasons:

Removal Of Contaminants

Many households clean their furnaces at the start of the fall to prepare their HVAC systems for the long winter ahead. Since your furnace is supposed to run all winter long, it is bound to get dirty from dust, dirt, and airborne contaminants accumulated in your house throughout winter.

For this reason, early spring is the perfect time to remove all these pollutants such as dirt and dust and ensure your furnace and your air ducts are clean as you start to use your air conditioner during summer.

Efficient Furnace Fan And Air Filter Operation

Your furnace doesn’t just provide you with heat during winter; it also moves air across the ducts of your home. This means that even when you’re using your air conditioner, the furnace fan still operates, and the air passes through the air filter.

Cleaning and maintaining your furnaces fan and air filter regardless of whether you are heating or cooling your air will help make sure you’ve got clean air circulating in your house all year round.

Preventing Springtime Dust And Pollen Allergies

For many Canadians, spring doesn’t just bring warmer temperatures but also increases pollen and allergens. That’s why you should ensure your furnace and filters are clean at the arrival of the spring season to keep pollen, dust, and other allergens under control to prevent respiratory disorders.

Other reasons you should get your furnace cleaned and maintained in the early days of spring may include avoiding any surprises during fall and winter with unexpected repairs and keeping your furnace functioning properly. Always hire a reliable HVAC repair and maintenance expert near you to keep your furnace operating at maximum efficiency.

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