Why Is It Important To Clean Your AC Filters Regularly?

June 24, 2021

Why Is It Important To Clean Your AC Filters Regularly?

Did you know that filters play an important role in the effective functioning of your AC?. Cleaning your ACs filters is a part of its necessary maintenance that you should do regularly. Failure to do so can end up in energy loss, poor air, and high energy bills.

In this blog post, we will cover how important it is to clean your ACs filters.

Reduced Air Flow

When your ACs filters are clogged with dust and debris, they can’t process enough air, and thus, you get reduced airflow. All of the cool air is captured by the dust and debris restricting its airflow. Your AC has to work harder to cool the room due to its dirty AC filters.

Unclean Air

Most of us buy an AC for cooler and cleaner air. Unfortunately, not taking proper care of your AC and leaving its air filters dirty will result in nothing but unclean air. The incoming air will be mixed with dust particles trapped in the ACs filters, making your environment unhealthy. This unhealthy and unclean air can be dangerous for people with dust allergies and asthma.

Load On AC

The proper functioning of an AC depends on its maintenance. Dirty and clogged filters reduce the efficiency of your AC and put an extra load on it. This makes it harder for the AC to function well. Cleaning clogged filters will lift off the extra load from your AC and enable it to function as it should.

Spike In Your Electricity Bills

You will see a spike in your electricity bills if you don’t clean your AC filters on time. Your AC will work harder than usual to cool down the area, thereby consuming more power. Moreover, you will keep your AC turned on for longer periods to cool down your room furthering your energy bills.

Load On Other Parts

When your ACs filters are clogged, it puts pressure on other parts of the system to work harder as well, resulting in the early deterioration of those parts. These critical parts that can get damaged due to dirty air filters include the evaporator, condenser, and accumulator. Any load on these parts can make them faulty, which could result in very costly repairs.

How Often Should You Clean Your AC filters?

Depending on your ACs model and environment, your ACs filters should be cleaned every month or two. You will have to clean them more often if you live in a dusty area. Clogged filters attract more dust and dirt that will affect the performance of your AC.

How Should You Clean Your ACs Filter?

Cleaning filters is easy. However, if there are other problems with your AC, you might need to call a professional AC maintenance service. Cleaning filters at home involves the process of taking them out of your AC unit and washing them with warm water. To remove dust, rub them gently with a soft brush. Let them dry in the open air before putting them back in your AC unit.

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