Why Now is the Perfect Time to Inspect Your Furnace

September 1, 2018

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Inspect Your Furnace

As the days get a little shorter and the sun goes down a little earlier, you may be adjusting the thermostat more often. While it isn’t parka season quite yet, winter is coming. Here are three important reasons you should book a furnace inspection before the snow flies:

You Can’t Remember Your Last Inspection

Experts suggest that furnaces be inspected at least once a year. This can help technicians predict any impending issues and generally give the unit a good once over. Think of it like your annual check-up at the doctor. You may not have any glaring issues at the time, but it is still important to get checked out just in case. If you don’t remember the last time you had an inspection, you should have someone come in as soon as possible!

Get It in Before the Holidays

September is the lull before the madness of the holidays begin. It is during this month that we ship our kids back to school and take the extra time to relax. Once October rolls in you will be sliding into holiday mode. That means shopping for gifts, preparing get-togethers, and everything else the season entails. Not only will you be short on time, but you’ll likely be short on cash. Furnace inspections aren’t expensive, but every little bit counts. Make sure you have the resources to handle furnace maintenance before you start purchasing gifts for every one of your first cousins.

Don’t Be Left Out in the Cold

Sure, your furnace hasn’t been acting up over the last few months, but then again it’s been a balmy summer. How do you know that your heating unit is in good working condition? Winter is when we pump our homes full of heat in an attempt to combat the freezing cold outside. That burst of usage will be very quick to reveal any issues that set in over the summer. All too often, we see homeowners who put off an inspection and find themselves without heat during the coldest months of the year. Preventative maintenance is key to mitigating this problem.

Don’t be caught unawares this winter. Have your furnace inspected before it gets cold so that you’ll be nice and warm when it counts! Contact the experts at Nor-Can Heating and Air today to book your next inspection.


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