Why Should You Consider A Humidifier This Winter?

January 21, 2021

Why Should You Consider A Humidifier This Winter?

Dry winter months can be uncomfortable when there is not enough humidity in your room. Maintaining an optimum level of humidity in your room is good for your health. The humidity level in your room should be no more than 50%. This is because during winter, the air’s ability to hold water drops. This makes it necessary to install a good humidifier in the winter.

Humidity has many impacts on your health and the overall environment of the room. You can catch infections and have dry skin as a result of no humidity and cold weather. Let’s see why you should get a humidifier this winter for a better winter experience.

If The Temperature Is Too Low

During winter, the temperature drops. The humidity level inside your homes decreases. For example, if the humidity level outside is 70%, the humidity level inside will be only 6%. The air inside will take away moisture from your body, thereby causing dryness on your skin.

Moreover, your body will become cooler as a result of this process. This increases your chances of getting sick. Also, you will need to turn on your thermostat more often, resulting in higher bills.

Therefore, humidifier installation can help with diseases such as:

  • Dry skin
  • Eczema
  • Irritating eyes
  • Nasal congestion
  • Cough
  • Dry patches
  • Cracked lips

Why Having An Ideal Moisture Level Is Good

Prevention Of Dry Skin

The biggest benefit that a humidifier gives is the prevention of dry skin. Humidifiers help in moisturizing skin. The winter air can take away moisture from your skin, making it drier. This causes rashes and skin irritability making you uncomfortable in the winter season.

The restored moisture in the air can prevent skin from drying. It also saves you from chapped lips and other dry skin conditions, like dry scalp issues.

You Feel Warmer

It is true that humidifiers can make you feel warm. Humidifiers can help restore the water content in your body. It slows down the process of sweat evaporation. This can make you feel warmer than without a humidifier. It also helps you save on electricity bills because of the limited usage of thermostats or converters.

Reduction In Snoring Noise

You know how irritating it is to hear the noise of snoring at night. In winter, it becomes even more prominent as everything else is silent. If the air is dry, a person’s airways are not lubricated enough with moisture. This can cause snoring even worse than before.

Adding a humidifier to your room can alleviate infections that can prevent you from snoring. We can’t guarantee that you won’t snore after this, but there will be some reduction.

Lower Your Utility Bills

In the absence of humid air, you feel colder. This is because the dry air takes away moisture from your body, making it colder. This makes you turn on your thermostat for longer hours. A humidifier doesn’t consume much energy. It maintains the required moisture level in the air that doesn’t make you turn on your heaters again and again. This can significantly reduce your bills.

Good For Your Indoor Plants

Although indoor plants are low-maintenance and can be handled easily, they can be difficult to handle during the winter. During summer, the air is humid, and your plants don’t have to struggle as much to maintain themselves. However, in winter, the air becomes dry and rough. This can badly damage their development.

The winter season sucks the water out of the air. If there is a humidifier in the room, your plants will not get dried up. They will retain their moisture level and thus will be happy.

Prevents Asthma

Asthmatic conditions are common during winter. When the air contains infections and little moisture, it can affect your respiratory system. Also, people with asthma are more sensitive. Humidifiers reduce this effect and other respiratory problems.

Call Nor-Can Heating & Air

Save yourself from falling ill this winter because of the lack of humidity in the air. Install a humidifier and combat dry skin and respiratory problems. With Nor-Can Heating & Air, you are assured of having 100% quality air after installing a humidifier in your home. Contact us here today to get more information.


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