Common Mistakes People Make When Acquiring HVAC Services

January 21, 2022

Common Mistakes People Make When Acquiring HVAC Services

Behold, people of Edmonton! Winter is fast approaching and so is the need to snuggle your plush blankets with a warm cup of hot chocolate and your favourite book. Imagine the sight of beautiful snowflakes swirling across your windowpane as you enjoy another masterpiece written by Margaret Atwood. Sounds quite enticing, doesn’t it?

But an inadequately operating HVAC system can quickly ruin this experience.

Undoubtedly, if you are reading this, your HVAC service provider has given you a hard time. None of us wants to experience those sudden chills in the middle of the night in the coming winter because our heating system has stopped working.

Hence, to help you steer clear of a similar situation, we have mentioned the common mistakes people have made when acquiring HVAC services in this blog. So whether you are looking to install an HVAC system in your new dream home or would like to replace an old one, avoid the undermentioned lapses.

Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting An HVAC Contractor

An HVAC system is not your typical furniture or equipment that you can easily replace. In truth, the installation costs a fortune and it is an investment that you want to last for at least eight to twelve years. Hence, it is important to consider several factors before making a decision. Therefore do not:

1. Delay Your HVAC Purchase And Plan It At The Last Moment

Concentrate on the future and make your preparations in advance. That is to say, deciding at the last moment for such a huge investment may backfire.

What would happen if you were to wait to replace your existing HVAC system in the upcoming months by instantly paying for it using your salary and something happens to your refrigerator.

To avoid similar situations, try not to leave things such as budgeting and searching for the last moment. Evidently, planning is key to proper decision making.

2. Prioritize Price Over Quality

We all have this tempting urge to always look for cheaper things. However, as mentioned earlier, HVAC is a long-term investment. Resultantly, one slight slip may cost you thousands of dollars.

Evidently, our ancestors meant business when they said “buy cheap, buy twice”.

Thus, never compromise on quality for a cheaper price. Otherwise, you may not only lose your money but also your winter snuggling perks and sacrifice your peace of mind for the coming decade (if the cheap HVAC system lasts that long).

3. Buy The First HVAC System You Come Across

They say curiosity killed the cat. But I say haste killed the cat. Truly, curiosity is a healthy personality trait but only when used in the right place.

In short, do not rush to conclude a deal with the very first HVAC contractor you meet. Yes, he/she might seem to be an ideal option, but there are chances that even a better one may exist.

So why miss out on the chance and regret it later?

4. Overlook An HVAC Service Provider’s Reputation

Even though this mistake ranks fourth on our list, it is nevertheless, quite crucial. An HVAC service provider’s reputation depicts the type of quality and customer service you may expect.

The best way to make a judgement regarding an HVAC contractor’s reputation is through independent customer reviews on either their sites or independent platforms. Also, it would be beneficial to pay attention to any disputes the contractor was involved in. See who was ultimately held accountable for any consistencies and if the service provider frequently makes the headlines for poor quality services or any unethical activities.

And because regression is sometimes the best innovation, take your research out of the virtual world. Ask your neighbours, friends, and family members about a particular HVAC service provider.

5. Fail To Thoroughly Discuss The Terms And Conditions

Last but not least, after things are all set, discuss all the terms and conditions of the contract in detail. You are not getting your HVAC system installed free of charge. Therefore it is your right to ask as many questions as you want.

Enquire about their post-installation testing, maintenance and future maintenance charges, etc.

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