How To Keep Your Room Ventilated In Winter

November 11, 2021

How To Keep Your Room Ventilated In Winter

Canadian winters can be harsh, and it can be even more difficult to survive without a proper heating system in your home. It is advised that you check your heating system before winter arrives to make sure that it will be able to work throughout the season and not cause any problems. However, with the usage of a heating system, it can be quite common to experience ventilation issues in your home. This degrades the overall air quality in your home.

Keeping your home warm is necessary but maintaining its proper ventilation system is even more important to avoid any accident due to gas or suffocation. This blog post will guide you and mention some tips for maintaining proper ventilation in your home this winter.

Install A Heat Recovery Ventilator

If you live in a severely cold area where you need to turn on your heater more often, it is necessary to maintain a proper ventilation system. Opening your doors and windows won’t work in such an area as it will bring colder air inside, making the environment uncomfortable. Therefore, in such conditions, you must invest in a heat recovery ventilator.

The purpose of a heat recovery ventilator is to ensure a steady supply of fresh, oxygenated outdoor air to purify your indoor air at home or work. Its functionality is based on the frequency of your heater or furnace usage. The system brings in the necessary amount of fresh air from outside to make your inside environment comfortable yet the air is clean. Another great benefit of a heat recovery ventilator is that it uses the heat from outgoing stale air to warm the fresh incoming air. This makes it an energy-efficient solution.

Use An Exhaust Fan

Another way you could aerate your home this winter is by using an exhaust fan. Different fans are available to ventilate the air inside and bring in the fresh air, thus maintaining an optimal temperature. You can install exhaust fans in the high ceilings of your home to allow the flow-in of fresh air.

Switch Your Fans To Winter Mode

There are fans that come with a reverse mode option. They have a switch on the side of the fan’s mechanism that reverses the blade direction. This method pulls the cold air upwards and pushes down the warm air, thus allowing air flow or circulation. This creates a ventilating pattern, and the air inside remains fresh for a long time.

Keep Your Bathroom’s Fans On

After a shower or washing in the bathroom, excessive humidity can cause suffocation and develop mold and bacteria if not ventilated properly. Therefore, as you come out of the shower, turn on your bathroom’s exhaust fans to allow for air ventilation. This will help to prevent humidity from entering your room or other areas of your home or cause more suffocation.

Keep A Check On Your Appliances

Heating and other appliances must be checked regularly to ensure that they are working fine and not leaking anywhere. Furnaces, space heaters, and wood-burning stoves and fireplaces are common culprits behind gas suffocation and causing accidents. Therefore, it’s important that you take care of the condition of your heating system, whether it is an HVAC system or a gas heater. You can call your professional HVAC contractor to come repair and fix any issue you might have with your heating system. Such professionals will make sure that your system is working the way it should.

Purchase A Hygrometer

If you want to monitor the humidity levels inside your home, investing in a good-quality hygrometer is best. It helps monitor your indoor humidity levels and suggests when you need to use a humidifier. Professionals suggest that your indoor optimal humidity rate be between 40% and 55%.

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