Easy Tips And Tricks To Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit

March 25, 2022

Easy Tips And Tricks To Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit

An air conditioner is one of the most comforting appliances you have in the summer. It keeps you cool in the scorching heat and maintains a comfortable temperature level inside.

As spring is around the corner and summer will be starting soon, it is time to consider the condition of your AC and see if it needs any maintenance, upgrades, or replacement.

Many people use their AC for extensive periods without acknowledging their problems. The result is that their AC units fail suddenly, and they have to endure hefty replacement costs. So, a better way to avoid such a situation is to keep a maintenance routine for your AC.

An AC which is not maintained will start to consume more energy and not function very well. Therefore, it becomes necessary to conduct its maintenance. If you want your AC to be in tip-top shape, certain tricks and tips might be helpful for you. This blog post mentions some easy tips to keep your AC in good condition.

Keep The Filters Clean

Filters inside the AC’s indoor unit are responsible for filtering out the air before it makes its way inside. As such, they might catch dust and debris with time and become clogged. Therefore, these filters need cleaning from time to time so you can experience clean and fresh air every time you turn on your AC.

If your filters are not kept clean, they can strain your AC, leading to more energy consumption. Moreover, your indoor air quality is also compromised if the filter is not in good condition.

Cleaning these filters is an easy process. You just have to take them out of the indoor unit, wash them, clean all the accumulated dust, and let them dry before putting them back in the unit.

Clean All The Vents

Another way to ensure maximum airflow is to clean the interior air vents and grills. Cleaning them ensures that you receive maximum air with better air quality. This step is useful for cleaning your AC unit especially for those who have respiratory issues. Cleaning all vents and grills will eliminate dust, and thus, your family can enjoy the summer with clean air.

Clean Condenser Coils

The condenser unit is the outdoor unit installed outside your home. It consists of condenser coils responsible for condensing the air being captured. It cools down the refrigerant gas. However, if the condenser is not working properly, the AC won’t be able to cool down the gas, and thus, you will not get comfortable, cool air.

You can also clean the condenser coil using a commercial cleaner. Moreover, clean the fins on the unit with a soft brush to avoid turning dust into mud which is hard to remove. You can also clean its fan by removing the exterior grill on it. If you notice any noise even after cleaning the outdoor unit, call for professional air conditioning maintenance services.

Moreover, ensure that your outdoor condenser unit is installed in a well-ventilated area. It requires proper ventilation to function smoothly and condense the air. There must be no bushes, leaves, or branches around the outdoor unit. Otherwise, the airflow will be compromised, and the unit won’t function effectively.

Call A Professional HVAC Contractor

Another wise thing you can do is call a professional HVAC company to come and check your AC units for any problems. These professionals perform a thorough inspection of your AC units and solve any issues on time before they escalate. A thorough inspection by a professional will keep everything under control. Your AC will function well and consume less energy.

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