Why Should You Use A Humidifier In The Summer?

August 5, 2021

Why Should You Use A Humidifier In The Summer?

Summer months are fairly warm and pleasant in Canada, which can be a great relief after months of long cold winter days and dry, parched air. Summer is not just about warmer weather, it also brings with it a higher level of humidity in most places. If you suffer from chapped lips or dry skin during the winter, you may find some relief in summer as the air has higher levels of water vapor than in winter.

You might be wondering then how can a humidifier be useful during the summer? It may seem ineffective to use a humidifier in the summer due to naturally humid air, however, you will be surprised to learn that it is actually the perfect time to use the appliance in your home. As temperatures rise, air conditioning runs on a regular basis that causes your indoor air to become drier. But your humidifier will release enough moisture in the air to keep it from completely drying out.

Continue reading to learn more about how using a humidifier can be beneficial during the summer.

Reduces The Risk Of Contracting Covid-19 & Flu

A dry summer environment and good air circulation from an AC are perfect conditions for a rise in the seasonal flu. Lack of moisture means that the dust and pollen in the air are not weighed down and can float freely throughout your home or office. This can cause a number of respiratory issues such as discomfort in your nasal passages and congestion.

According to a recent study, humidifiers can help reduce the risk of flu. Researchers did a series of experiments and found that viral particles rapidly deactivate if the humidity levels are above 40 percent, and are much less likely to be infectious.

Another study shows that only a 10 percent decrease in humidity can double the transmission rate of the coronavirus. This is due to the virus’ ability to survive and stay suspended in dry air for a longer time period. Higher humidity levels make aerosol droplets expand faster, or fall on the floor. This gives them less opportunity to be inhaled by healthy individuals.

Having a humidifier installed in your main living area is an effective way to remove airborne allergens indoors.


Reduces Loud Snoring

Dry summer air causes your airways to become dry. This causes your mouth, pallet, airways, or nasal cavities to become dry. As a result, each breath in and out of your nose or mouth makes the connected tissues vibrate, which can intensify the sound of snoring. Humidifiers provide moisture to these dry tissues and help reduce loud snoring. Turning on your humidifier before you go to bed will increase the amount of moisture in the air and alleviate some symptoms.

Some Benefits For Your Home

Moisture from a humidifier can be helpful for your home in many ways. It may help your moisture-loving houseplants become more vibrant. Humidity also helps to prevent static electricity from building up, a common occurrence during the dry weather of late spring and early summer. It can also protect your wallpaper decorations from cracking. It helps prevent materials from deteriorating rapidly as well.

Air conditioning not only removes moisture from the indoor atmosphere, but it also draws out any moisture within your wood furnishings. Therefore, a humidifier in summer is the simplest way to preserve their condition.


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